Tarot and Cartomancy Parlour


People have used many items for foresee their futures.  Whether it was Rune stones, sticks, tea leaves or cards; people found a way to get that little glimpse into the future.  Since the 14th century, cards have been the method of choice for many.  In the mid 1700’s it was a  French woman named Marie Anne Lenormand.  Lenormand (a famous fortune-teller) that made Cartomancy famous.  She gave card readings to famous people such as Czar Alexander, Empress Josephine and Napoleon Bonaparte himself.  It was Antoine Court de Gébelin that is responsible of the rebirth of tarot in 1781.  Although tarot’s history is a bit fragment and many times over laps that of cartomancy, it is safe to say this is a very popular art of divination.  


 Offering the art of tarot and cartomancy readings, I am able to assist others by helping shed light on your situation, and it can help you decide the best path to take and can shed light on things that may be hidden from you.


I offer Goddess Readings that will help you tune into the energy of the Goddess and allowing you to receive messages that she has for you.


Many of us have questions of love.  What direction is your current relationship headed?  What are your significant other’s feelings? Is this relationship the right one for you?   Let the cards shed some light for you!


Prices are as follows:

30 minute phone or Skype reading $45

 60 minute phone or Skype reading $70

 Email or video reading $25

I accept PayPal as well as postal money orders. Contact me first and we can go from there.

I also offer Reiki sessions and classes.  If you would like to know more about Reiki, please contact me.  Also, see my Reiki page.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, email me and lets see what messages the cards have for you!!

I also do free Moon readings and weekly readings on my Facebook page White Rose Enchantments:


I am also a proud member if the International Tarot Foundation.


May you be richly blessed ❤

Rev Stacy Hill

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