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Merry Meet everyone. Today is Freaky Friday and it absolutely has been. There’s been some weird energy going on,  some weird things that have happened. When these things happen, I always look at the stars and see what’s going on astrologically and then I pick a card for better clarity as well. Right now, the sun is in Virgo and it’s actually opposite Chiron. This is about healing some deep wounds. You may have had some past emotional trauma come up that you thought you’ve healed from, time to work through it. Or maybe something triggered you and brought about something from the past that you thought you healed. This is what’s happening right now. These deep emotional wounds are coming to surface so you can deal with them and release them, Purification.

We are in the sun sign of Virgo, and Virgo is the natural healer this is the Virgin so this is about purity as well as perfection. This may bring about some self-doubt especially the with Mercury and Mars being in Virgo as well. This can lead to some displaced anger, or maybe you’re just having some irritability. I am seeing and feeling a bit of overwhelment energy happening here. At this time, you may feel like you want to escape or you want to avoid certain things, or certain people. You may feel like you just want to close your eyes to it and get away. And maybe that is the best thing for you to do right now, 2017 is a number one year, and this is about our self. In a number one year we are pushed to be the master of our own lives. The goddess always pushes me to my limits. She pushes me to learn the lessons that I need to learn. Whether it be patience, tolerance, or compassion, she pushes me to become a better version of myself. Good questions to ask right now is “Who are you? What are you here to learn?”  These feelings of overwhelment, or those things that are pushing you to the Limit are teaching you. We are being forced to reach in Into Our Inner Strength and bring that forth, to stand up for yourself, to make your voice be heard…your voice matters. Do something you’ve never done before, come out of your comfort zone. Virgo tells you that it’s time to take your Visions, your dreams, desires, and make practical steps to make those things happen. The eclipse and the full moon brought us light to the Shadows, making us very aware of them. 

 With Jupiter in Libra, relationships, definitely connections to people will be at the forefront. Clear communication is important now. Be clear about knowing where you are, being clear about what you’re expecting from your relationships, make sure you’re  on the same page. The Equinox is getting close and it is a turning point, so many of you will be making some decisions that will change your life in drastic  ways, this is the purification. We have a new moon coming up on September 20th and it will be in Virgo as well. When you set your intentions, important questions to ask yourself is “what do you truly want” and “how does it make you feel.” Grounding is very important at this time as we are feeling overwhelmed, so we must learn to be the eye of the storm. We must learn to pull from our Inner Strength when we are feeling these overwhelming emotions, ground and Center. Right now is probably a good idea to find a spiritual practice to help you to do this. Yoga deep breathing, anything that will help you ground and Center. Shine your unique light! Remember you can’t control everything!

Many BlessingsūüĆô


Finnish Goddess Ilmatar

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Ilmatar by Robert Wilhelm Ekman

Goddess Ilmatar

Finnish Air Goddess


Primordial Goddess Ilmatar is a virgin Finnish Air Goddess, also known as Luonnotar or Luonotar, is depicted as a virgin floating on the sea. ¬†Her feast day is August 26th and she is known as the cosmic egg cookery. ¬†Ilmator is worshipped in Finland and was born of the air. ¬†She created the universe from seven cosmic eggs. ¬†Longing to be pregnant, and a virgin Goddess, after great longing, she did become pregnant by the wind and sea and gave birth to the Gods of music, magic, and smithing, and Vainomoinen. ¬†Her name is derived from the Finnish world ilma, meaning ‚Äúair‚ÄĚ and the suffix -tar, meaning female spirit…her name literally means ‚Äúfemale air spirit‚ÄĚ. ¬†In the Kalevala, the Finnish epic she was called Luonnotar, which means ‚Äúfemale spirit of nature‚ÄĚ. ¬†

The Story is as follows according to the Kalevala Epic:

In the beginning there was only Ilmatar, the void and a great deal of wind.  She was alone in the beginning of time.  She lived in the heavens, but eventually she grew restless and slipped into the vast sea. She floated and frolicked for centuries (some writings say 700 years) in this primordial ocean counting rainbows and letting the wind play with her hair. She began to long for a son, so great that the East and West took pity upon her. She found herself being buffeted and tossed by the wind’s love-making until she was so exhausted she could bear it no longer and collapsed.  During that great storm, she became pregnant and conceived Vainamoien, child of the wind. Ilmatar floated for centuries in the seas unable to give birth, as there was no land. After the seventh century, she began to lose hope and Ukka (old man, grandfather, god of the sky, weather, harvest and thunder) took pity on her and sent her a duck. The duck, tired and in need of a nest, was desperately looking for a place to land to lay her eggs.  Ilmatar saw the bird struggling and quickly offered the bird her knee to land on.  The bird came swooping down and laid half a dozen cosmic eggs.  The bird gathered them up and sat upon them to rest.  Ilmatar sat and watched the bird happily as she was so happy that finally after all these centuries something was happening. After a while Ilmatar became uncomfortable and needed to move, to stretch her leg, but the seven eggs rolled off and fell into the raging sea. These cosmic eggs are very delicate, so as soon as they hit the waters, they broke open. Ilmatar watched in amazement as the broken egg shells formed the heavens and earth.  The yolks became the sun, the whites the moon, and the scattered fragments of the eggs became the stars.  The world was formed.  The seventh egg was iron, and it’s black yolk became a thundercloud.  Ilmatar was so delighted with the events, she began shaping the lands and adding all the finishing touches. Even though she had created the land, she still remained pregnant for thirty more summers while she was finishing the world.  She soon began to feel a stirring inside her, Vainamoinen began waking up after 30 years of being in the womb and was now eager to see the world.  His birth was a struggle, but Ilmatar gave birth to a bouncing, bonnie old man who became known as the world’s first Shaman, who began to help her finish creation.  

There isnt much more written about Ilmatar, maybe she is still busy creating here on earth.  Through her one gesture, she was able to create a majesty.

For me, I am feeling that change doesnt have to be so radical, one small step at a time.  As we are going into our harvest season, examining those things we need to change for the better, maybe we should take Ilmatar’s ways and just do one thing at a time.  One pebble dropped in the middle of the pond makes many ripples.  

Here’s to one small step toward greater things!


Sirona Rose

Hypatia of Alexandria

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Hypatia of Alexandria



In looking at our Pagan past, one very important lady is left out, Hypatia of Alexandria. She was born in 355 and was killed March 8, 415 A.D. in the great city of Alexandria.  She lived in the era of great classical knowledge and ended in one de-evolution. Taught mathematics by her father Theon of Alexandria (mathematician and astronomer), she was taught Neoplatonic philosophy by Eunapius of Sardis.

Hypatia was an astronomer, a philosopher ¬†and was the earliest female mathematicians. Hypatia was one of the most famous classical philosophers of her time. She taught Pagans, Jews, and Christians alike. The philosophy that she taught is the foundation of Western magic and mysticism as we know it today. Alexandria was a Cosmopolitan City established by Alexander the Great, it was like no other City. It’s Mystery Schools and libraries were Beyond Compare, it was one central place where one could learn the great classical philosophies. But just like all things political, control meant power, and many wanted to control Alexandria. From the years 379 through 395 AD, Theodosius was the Roman Emperor and he was a Nicene Orthodox Christian. He made it his personal mission to annihilate all traces of Paganism, and all Pagan literature. He was the first emperor to decree Christian law upon his people. He was responsible for the destruction of the Temple of Apollo, Serapeum, and the dissolution of the order of the Vestal Virgins. In 386, he outlawed all Pagan rituals by state decree.


Hypatia, known as a Pagan classical philosopher, was also the adviser to the Roman governor of Alexandria, Orestes.  This great title gave her much respect as well as making her a target for the Christian Bishop Cyril,  who loathed Orestes. Bishop Cyril accused Hypatia of witchcraft, accusing her of doing math and working with astral instruments. Being the inventor of the Astrolabe, did not help her case against the mobs of orthodox Christians.  By 396 AD, the last legitimate heirophant at Elysses had just passed with only a handful of initiates remaining. The times were getting rough for her and other who taught and were studying this classical knowledge. Bishop Cyril had great issues with Orestes and viewed her as a threat. He was jealous of her and did not like her Pagan ways.  He had enough, so he spoke to his trusted apprentice Peter the Reader, had him form a mob of converts to get rid of this great Pagan philosopher  

In March 415 AD, Hypatia emerge from The Great Library of Alexandria, as she did most days. She called for her chariot, she was the first woman to own and drive her own chariot. As she entered the square in front of her house, Peter the Reader was there with the mob waiting for her. They pulled her from her chariot, stripped her, beat her and proceeded to drag her to the nearest church where they proceeded to beat her more and gauged her skin, she had a brutal, brutal death, which I will not go into. Since being carried out by Bishop Cyril, and all death and destruction to Pagans and Pagan holy places were legitimized through the name of the savior, no one was charged for her murder. Many historians and philosophers believed that her death Mark the end of the classical philosophy era. As the great libraries were burned and ancient historical academic text were  destroyed, the age of Classical Wisdom did as well.

The type of philosophy she taught was the Neoplatonic Philosophy, which stated that reality was divided into planes. ¬†That philosophy states that where we reside, Gaia, is the bottom plane, ¬†it is the lowest least important of the planes. Next, we have the Cosmic Soul, and that is what controls our 3D World, Gaia. Then we have the Cosmic Mind and this is where all the gods reside. Last, we have The One, the principle source that causes things to be. This plane unifies opposites; light and dark, good and bad, in all things. This unity is inexpressible in words. It teaches there are rituals for contacting the Gods, and it teaches one how to individually contact the gods. Teachers are there to help you when you are stuck, help you to the door of knowledge, but the work was personal. Their teachings empowered people, ¬†‚Äúdon’t tell me what the Gods say, I’ll find out myself‚ÄĚ.

And I can see very well how this type of thinking can be very threatening to those that are seeking control. In her day, many people were seeking the same thing that we seek today the meaning of life, they were seeking ways to help them live their lives more abundantly and successful.

May this knowledge return. May the blood of our ancestors awaken within us, awakening and reminding us…..may we not let them down.
Sirona Rose

The Tower

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TowerThe Tower is the most loved and hated card of the tarot…in my opinion. ¬†It represents destruction, but can mean to tear down to create better. ¬†This is the energy that I have been feeling lately, the Mercury Rx in Virgo in this Leo energy. ¬†This card follows the Devil card, which is about what we are tied to, such as addictions, but can mean you need to let loose a bit and have some fun. ¬†The Tower, with this present energy, makes me really feel the realness of Soul shining through. ¬†We have conscious brought our self to some point. ¬†By our actions, or maybe lack there of, we have put our self into a self destructive situation. ¬†Now, at first, maybe we couldnt see the full picture of it all, now we are seeing how this decision has brought us unhappiness. ¬†This could be with our jobs, relationships, or some kind of personal loss. ¬†When we are in the middle of this, we fail to see the perspective of “this could be a good thing’ concept. We are humans, and can be too quick to judge. ¬†Maybe this “loss” is more of a blessing. ¬†Maybe this is the extreme it had to come to to make you see with clarity.

tower1Many things keeps us tied to things that are not healthy for us; jobs, relationships, or even where we live. ¬†Many of us have become so used to being the chameleon, we actually forget our true color. ¬†I remember as a teen growing up in a small town being this exact way. ¬†I was unique, or weird, when it wasn’t cool. I knew that I thought differently, seen things differently, and I tried to fit in. ¬†Many years have past me by since those days, and I will say I am not so much of the “fit in” kind of person. ¬†I am still quiet around strangers because I know me, and some cant handle all this sweetness at one time. ¬†The mold has followed me though, as it does many, into our every day lives. ¬†Today, more than ever, we are really beginning to ask ourselves “Am I truly happy?”. ¬†Many are changing jobs, leaving unhealthy marriages, and striking out to be who they are in all their glory. ¬†They are taking that leap and becoming awesome entrepreneurs, starting businesses that are just quiet clever. ¬†At this time, many are coming out of their cocoons, emerging whole and full of life….feeling passion once again. ¬†The are hearing the voice of the Leo and shining brightly from their Soul. ¬†They are lighting others candles, being the beacon in the night to help others learn to shine their own inner light. ¬†No more are they taking the “you’re too much, you’re too bright, you’re too weird”, they are letting their flags fly high and hearing their higher calling. ¬†But what about the others?

Change is hard, especially when there are other people and things to consider. ¬†You’re not only changing your life, you are changing the unfolding of others. ¬†Some let guilt convenience them that its not time, do what’s comfortable. ¬†That word comfortable has gotten so many of us in situations where we have to literally dig our self out of the rut. ¬†Change looks like chaos, it can make you feel like you’re in the middle of a tornado just watching things fly around you. ¬†But it simply comes down to “Is this the life you truly want?” ¬†is it? ¬†Are you so lost in the illusion, that you are missing the reality? ¬†One question I like to ask myself is ” What do I know, that I haven’t let myself see?”.

tower3Are you living in a burning tower and don’t realize it? ¬†Is this clinging to the old crumbling way going to force you to jump from the windows…..or will you follow that flow and grow? ¬†Many Tower cards show a tower on fire and people actually jumping from the high windows… this what it’s going to take for you? ¬†I have also been told that I can either go into change willfully, or be dragged kicking and screaming by my hair.

At this time, it is the energy of tearing things apart to fix them, to rebuild better. ¬†It’s a time of examining all of the parts piece by piece. ¬†Can it be fixed? ¬†Do you even want to fix it? ¬†Is this something necessary in your life? ¬†Can you accept it?

Here’s a mantra that I felt while I was writing this: ¬†Can I go peacefully into change? Or will I be torn from my comfortable place? Will I shine my inner light bright and bold? Or will I run as it unfolds? ¬†These gifts are mine and mine alone….Will I use them and shine so bright and bold?

The walls have been tumbling, the fires are lit….please dont make yourself have to jump out of the windows for your life.



Mercury Retrograde In Virgo 

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Merry Meet everyone!  I hope you all get a chance to go out and watch the meteor showers tonight, its supposed to be at it height.  There is indeed some interesting happenings in our heavens here lately, and I know we are all getting ready to experience that solar eclipse.  
Just a little while ago, Mercury went into retrograde in the sign of Virgo.  With Mercury in retrograde we are reminded to revisit, renew, contemplate, and remember.  Since Mercury is in its home planet of Virgo, there is a harmonious energy radiating from this union.  Now we all know that Mercury is about communication, but did you also know that it is about how we learn as well.  When a planet is in a sign, we have to consider that energy as well.  Virgo is is analytical and is about improvement.  If you have been having a challenging time with something, this energy is here to aid you to rectifying it.  Virgo likes to look at things…is it working right or is something broken?  If something isnt right, it will take it apart, see what is going on, and then fix it. This is a good time to get things that are broken fixed as well. When Mercury is in retrograde, this is the perfect time to do this.  As we go inward to revisit things, we are able to pull it apart and see where the malfunction is.  When we go inward, we are able to learn and to grow.  This gives us the time to contemplate all areas of our life.  Looking and examining each area of your life.  Are you happy or sad?  Are you thriving or struggling?  Remember who you are, and renew yourself.  Virgo is also the healer, so this can be a great healing time for you.  The trick is to release the illusion of control, and allow the truth to illuminate before you.  The day after the solar eclipse, and new moon, the Sun will join Mercury in the sign of Virgo.  The Sun is the soul, the ego, and Mercury, of course, is the mind.  Now at this time, be very conscious, because when the Soul and Mind combine magic happens. This energy makes the energy fertile for those A-HA! Moments.  You may learn knew things about yourself, discover new talents, or decide to go a complete opposite place than where you are now.  
We are gearing up for this New Moon Solar Eclipse, and of course I will write on that as well.  It is absolutely amazing what all is going on in our heavens now.  Remember, we are in the middle of great change, be patient and watch the unfolding.  This is time to examine and fix.
This energy will be intense at times so it will be really important to set your intentions on what you need to work on, what you need to finish, and what you need to improve.  Allow yourself some time and space to release and go with the flow. This is not the energy to be so serious, relax and allow the unfolding.  Also, put things into practice.  If you know something’s needs work, then fix it.  I will say again, the best way to use this energy to the best outcome is to activity go with the flow.  

Retrograde isnt something to fear, it is just a way to let us see what needs some attention, and fixed.  Learning how to identify these energies, working with them, will help us have happy lives.  The Mercury retrograde just allows us the time to identify and fix what isn‚Äôt working in our lives.  

Remember, you have to give yourself the time and space to do this!

Happy renewal time and may you have many A-HA! Moments.
Many Blessings,


Beyond the Surface ~ Tarot Message

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The QUEEN OF WATER is one of emotional stability and healing. ¬†Water is about our intuition, dreams, emotion, and healing. ¬†This card, in the past, has always pointed to some one who doesnt let their life be ruled by their emotions. ¬†As I sit with this beautiful card, I am reminded of the depth of the ocean. ¬†I am reminded of those things that we keep hidden in the dark recesses of the our emotions. ¬†Many time we go through events that are very traumatic. ¬†We push on, continue on with our lives, busying ourself with this or that trying to convince ourself that we are getting over it. ¬†With this action, we are placing a veil over our faces so we cant see the truth that is really there. ¬†Which leads us to another facet this card relates to is relationships. ¬†How are the relationships in your life? How’s your relationship with yourself?

This card is showing me the things that we keep in those deep waters of the emotions. ¬†It 6585199607_2f67ef09a4_zis talking to me of healing the wounds that we have covered up. Instead of facing (she has her eyes shut) we refuse to meet that which proposes great challenges for us. ¬†We keep telling our self that ignorance is bliss, but you’re not going to cover these issues up for long. ¬†All things are exposed in one form or another, the unknown will be made known. Here, this Queen takes us to healing deep wounds. ¬†These wounds express themselves in different way, begging to be healed. ¬†This wound promotes fear, fearful of things we dont even realize we are fearful of. ¬†How do you react to certain things? Do you have a trigger…and how do you respond? ¬†These things will hold us back, keep us from manifesting and reaching our goals. ¬†Writing down your dreams will be good at this time, because they have the ability to help us heal. ¬†Why do I keep going through the same things over and over again? ¬†Well, I do not heal from it..I do not take the lesson that it is offering me. ¬†We want spiritual unions, but yet we do not release the old lustful ones. ¬†We want one thing, but we keep going back to the old way. ¬†We can not have the new when we do not leave the past behind.

If we truly want to strive, we have to get passed all holds us back. We have to look deep within our Souls and stop living in the illusions we make for our self. Cry, scream or punch a pillow, but you are going to have to get this energy out. ¬†This energy will manifest itself in different way…illness, depression, weight gain, addictions, weight loss… ¬†We speak of harmony and balance, well this is the way we get it. ¬†We have to take the garbage out or the place stinks. ¬†We have to stop fearing that which hides in our shadows. This is one thing that the Leo energy brings forward…the Sun! ¬†The Leo sun encourages you to bring out your uniqueness, your gifts, that which you are still fearful of and heal. ¬†Love yourself enough to allow the completely healing to take place. ¬†How can we be our true selves, when dont heal? How can we love, and have successful relationships with others when we dont have a healthy relationship with our self.

Love yourself, show your pain compassion, heal…so you can learn, change, and manifest so you can have the harmonically balanced life we wish to have.

Many Blessings,




Leo New Moon

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leonewmoon7232017Happy New Moon in Leo! ¬†The Moon moves from Cancer to Leo at 4:34am, giving way to our New Moon at 5:46am est. I love the sign of Leo, it is about joy and FUN! ¬†I feel that this is a good energy as we are coming up on our eclipse on August 21st. ¬†The Sun and Moon have come out of Cancer, sort of like a birth. ¬†As they are going into Leo, it is like coming into our true Self. ¬†Leo‚Äôs planet is the Sun, and brings joy. This is our creative self, strength and love. ¬†This will definitely jump-start this ‚Äúnew beginning‚ÄĚ energy. I also want to add that the Moon‚Äôs North Node (which is where we are going) is in Leo as well. ¬†So the energy of the true authentic self is really making itself known. ¬†We are in a place of transition, and we have to understand that this doesnt happen over night. ¬†With Venus (Gemini) opposing Saturn (Sagittarius Rx), our values are being challenged. ¬†Saturn is all about structure, boundaries, so at this time you may find yourself having to draw these boundaries with others. ¬†We may find ourself really having to stand up for what we value and love. ¬†This is a time to connect with like minds as well. ¬†We are tired of not fitting in, putting on a mask in our to exist. ¬†This energy is one of new beginnings, this also means it is a time for endings. ¬†If there are contracts we would like to end, now is the time to do so. ¬†Jupiter is still in Libra, so yes the ground is fertile. ¬†

Here, the emphasis is on the Self, but not in selfish ways. ¬†This means opening up to our creativity, what brings us joy, what we value and love, that which makes us shine bring from within. ¬†When we are not with our ‚Äútribe‚ÄĚ, we will experience great challenges with others and we will be required to make our boundaries known. ¬†I feel that boundaries have really been in the forefront, and we should not ignore this. ¬†When you are not able to function to your fullest ability, this thwarts your energy causing disruptions…such as illness. ¬†

On to our reading;

Our first card is STRENGTH, not forceful, but more of a gentle strength. Remain focused and determined. Keep your eyes on your goal.  You can do this!!  Believe in yourself, stay confident.  This card represents the energy of the new moon.

Our next card is 8 of SWORDS, this is all about restrictions.  Are you blocking yourself?  Time to free yourself, and move on.  You must take responsibility for yourself, and cut yourself free from what is keeping you trapped. Listen to your intuition, you must not do what ultimately hurts you.  There is no room for fear.  

Our next two cards (they popped out together) are the KNIGHT OF SWORDS AND KNIGHT OF WANDS.Swords represent Air/Intellect and this card simply means ‚Äú Have No Fear‚ÄĚ. ¬†Wands represent Fire/desire for growth. ¬†Both of these cards represent change, with swords this is swift change. ¬†There is a lot of movement coming, changes…this can be with jobs or even moving. When we have two knights together, you can definitely expect some major change happening. ¬†The main energy of this reading is no fear and strength. ¬†You‚Äôre going to have to think quick on your feet, because the energy will be coming quick. ¬†If you have been dragging your feet, or staying in our comfort zone, this energy will be very hectic for you. ¬†Good new is, the Knights assure you that you will be victorious.

Use this new moon energy to release yourself from what binds you, free yourself to what you truly value and love. ¬†This reading and Leo‚Äôs energy is urging you to let your inner light shine, be happy, and be healthy. ¬†Make those healthy boundaries that you have been fearing to make, you won’t regret it. ¬†It time to understand that boundaries are not always a bad thing, it is okay to stand up for yourself, and there is a rhyme and reason for structure. ¬†Learn these secrets of this world and thrive!