Terra Energy Report

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It has been one week since our Pisces full moon, and many could still be in the middle of this energy. This moon’s energy takes us back to last September when we had a full moon in Aries, so here we are processing all that we have learned in the pasts year. On September 6th, Saturn (our teacher) will be going direct and he may very well test us on the challenges we had. We’ve had four of our outer planets in retrograde and it has really been testing us. Our outer planets represent out outside world, what is going on around us. He has been making us to really take a good look at ourselves and making us step-up and make those boundaries that need to be made. Saturn is home here, so he is fully able to express himself.  Also, he has been making us examine what we are putting our time into, is it truly benefiting us? Are we being taken advantage of? Or are we just wasting our time? He will be soon going direct, and with Mars already direct, you better be ready for some energy to pick up.

I will not sugar coat this, but our energy isn’t exactly all positive energy at the moment. There seems to be a lot of “kinks” being worked out of the chain. Pluto has been in retrograde in Capricorn as well. Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld and he has been dredging the bottom bringing up all kinds of stuff that we do not want to look at..the bad, the ugly, the things we want to remain unseen.

During our full moon on August 26th in Pisces, we had a beautiful earth trine between the sun, Saturn, and Uranus, and this is yummy energy. We’ve had the energy of thought and creation, now its the energy of bringing it into the physical. Pisces is the completion sign, it has us looking at our emotional and spiritual selves and seeing how far we have come. It’s planet Neptune wants to make the impossible possible and mixed with the Virgo energy (the sun sign we are in now) it brings us to the physical self.  Now we are being called to pay attention to what is important to us, what we feel is our priority. What are you sinking your energy into? Is it draining you or feeding you? What are you giving your control to?

Our society right now wants to drag us off to la la land, wants to seduce us with an illusion….are you able to see through it? Many people want change, but when it gets hard they back down. See change brings about…..change. With that change there will be things that we lose and gain, we have to be able to release what needs to be released and proceed on our path. I know I mention this a lot, but listen to your intuition…feel how things, people, and situations make you feel. Connecting with your Self is highlighted during this time. This energy is wanting you to commit to YOU! That Pisces moon was offering us the energy to balance our physical (Virgo) self and our Spiritual (Pisces) self.

There is an energy of Fear in our world. Fear is the feeling of losing something. What are you in fear of? This energy is here to help you face and release that as well. The Divine Feminine rising movement has been a very big thing in our world, and it’s not going to go away…no, the cat’s out of the bag on that. What we have to work on is balancing the two. Both Masculine and Feminine energy to the extreme is not a good thing. Sure, true balance is never truly achieved, but a harmonious one is. In our 3D world, we have duality. We have each side of the spectrum. Some are in fear of materially sustaining yourself, instead of losing yourself in that fear, face it and step back from it and see it for what it is. We have to look deeper than the surface. Sure, many will say “Well you don’t know my circumstances, you don’t know what I am going through” and you’re probably right as I am not you. What I saying to you is to not let it rule you, don’t let this moment in time consume you in its fear. Step outside the box and try to see it from a different perspective. Look around you, there are ways to aid us in helping us to make things happen.

Honor yourself spiritually and physically. Let go of the past so you can open yourself up to a higher potential within yourself. This year hasn’t been easy on many, and these eclipses opened us up to the underworld. We are beginning to come out and the energy is picking up. We are in the middle of our harvest season and yes it is a bit hectic, but you have to be grounded in this process…be the eye in the center of the storm. Virgo’s Mother energy will really aid you in learning what nurturing is about, but be aware of its mental compacity as it will keep you in your head and not be productive and can driving you crazy with its perfectionist mentality. Remember life is in cycles. Step up and be an Active BEing in your life!

If you want to hear a more in-depth report, tune in to http://www.TheCauldron.net every Thursday night at 9pm Eastern Standard Time for the AstroTarot Report where you will get an astrology reading as well as a tarot reading…..As Above, So Below!

My saying is…….“Astrology teaches us we all have our own unique paths to walk, and we must walk it”

Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose

Messenger Oracle

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Good morning Starshines!
Today we have a message from the Messenger Oracle deck by Ravynne Phelan.
What a beautiful card to start our day with!
If you listen to my Astro tarot show, you will know that I talked about this at the end of every show that I do. Know you belong….we all have our own energetic signature we bring into this world and that is what you are here to share with the world. We are a gifted with a certain skill, do you know yours?
If you do not, dont you thinknits time to find out?
By not fulfilling your role, you are denying the world from what you offer…and you’re denying yourself from joy.
Live your life to the highest potential!
Sirona Rose 🌹

Faery Oracle Message

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The Faery that is visiting us today is the Glimpse Faery.
He is a Scout Fae, and he’s delivering a message to help us in the future.
He’s putting us on notice that we need to start eating correctly. We need to remember let food be thy medicine and Medicine be thy food. We need to heal, get past or inner rage and anger that we have. And transmute it into evolving Humanity, spiritually growing within ourselves so that we may share that with the world.
For those of you who have always been told you were different, have been told to try to be normal, it is okay to embrace your unique self. You have a gift to give, and you must give it. But you will not be able to serve from an empty platter. Also pay attention to those who are coming after you, even though you may not think so you are a role model in some new ones eyes. Teach the new ones how to see through the Illusions, how to see past all the distractions the world has to offer, and teach them how to see the true authenticity of things. Teach them to look below the surface to find the root of things. Because that is how we fix it all.

Sirona Rose 🌹

Healing Rage

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“Now I’m not going to tell you a big, fat lie and say you can cleanse all of your rage today or next week and it will be gone forever. The anger and torment of times past rise up in the sake on a silicol basis. All the way deep purging discharges most of archaic hurt and rage, the residue can never completely be swept clear. But it should leave a very light Ash, not a hungry fire. So the clearing of residual rage must come at a periodic ritual, one that releases us, for to carry old rage beyond the point of its usefulness is to carry a constant, if unconscious, anxiety.
Sometimes people become confused and think that to be stuck in an outdated rage means to fuss and fume and to act out and toss and throw things. It does not mean that in most cases. It means to be tired all the time, to carry a thick layer of cynicism, to the hopeful, the tender, the promising. It means to be afraid you will lose before you open your mouth. It means to reach Flashpoint inside rather you show it on the outside or not. It means bilious entrenching silences. It means feeling helpless. But there is a way out, and it is through forgiveness.”
~excerpt from the boom Women Who Run With Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes PhD

Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose

Lucifer, The Light Bringer, Liberator

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Lucifer, The Light Bringer, the Liberator
Lucifer is one of the most misunderstood of all the myths. Whether it be mistranslation, or one of ignorance (or many times to control the masses), his true Essence has totally been bastardized. Lucifer is one of the messengers of Gods. His name is translated to mean Morning Star.
Let’s look at his description, he is a liberator as well as a bringer of light, but what does that mean? As a messenger this can indicate that he is a bringer of knowledge. But now let’s consider our full moon, what does the full moon do? The full moon lightens the Shadows. So when we look at it in this way, we can see how his energy is supposed to be used to awaken man.

In the Gnostic belief, Lucifer came to the Earth to help man remember, help him to wake up and to remember his divine origin, the divine origin of his soul. He is here to help man free himself from the physical limitations of body in which he is trapped… and free him from the created time and matter in which he is imprisoned in.
He was considered an opponent to the creator of the world, as he gives us the gnosis, the knowledge of manifestation. Lucifer the bringer of light The Liberator, made a great sacrifice and descended into Earth to give the knowledge, or the gnosis, so that mans eyes would be open to his true divine origin, so that man doesn’t have to live in servitude. Many still do see him as a exterminator, a hater of man. When he did make his sacrificr to illuminate man he became the uncreated. So what he does exterminate is matter, the impure.
The Soul of man will continue to remain imprisoned, of he does not allow himself to be illuminated.
Food for thought….
Blessings 🌙

AstroTarot Show 8/9/2018

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I’ll be in the chatroom, come join me!


Rage, Learning to Release

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“If and when rage again becomes a dam to creative thought and action, it then must be softened or changed. For those who have spent considerable time working through a trauma, whether it was caused by a person’s cruelty, neglect, lack of respect, recklessness, arrogance, ignorance, or even fate; there Comes A Time to forgive in order to release the psyche to return to the normal state of calm and peace. When a woman has trouble letting go of anger or rage, it is often because she is using rage to empower herself. While that may have been wisdom at the beginning, now she must be careful, for ongoing rage is a fire that burns her own primary energy. To be in this state is like speeding through life pedal-to-the-metal, trying to live a balanced life with the accelerator pressed all the way to the floor. Neither is the fierceness of Rage to be mistaken as a substitute for a passionate life. It is not life at its best; it is the defense that, once the time of needing it for protection is past, caused plenty to keep. After a time it burns intermittently hot, pollutes or ideas with its black smoke, and occludes other ways of seeing and apprehending.”

Excerpt from the book Womem Who Run With Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola

AstroTarot – Ares Unveiled

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As we come into August, we now have the planets Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto and the asteroids Hades and Chiron in Rx; Vesta has been Rx but is turning direct on the 1st and then on the 7th Uranus will station and go into the Rx motion. Now, what we need to remember that whenever a planet is in Rx, it is close to Earth. I am sure you’ve seen many memes out there about seeing Mars in the sky, and I even saw one that said mercury will be bigger than the moon and well that is just simply untrue. Now Rx are known for the REs but it is also the feeling of a time loop. With Mars in Rx, it is likened to a bow being pulled back…the tension. And in our world now, we can see this tension playing out in our world right now. Mars is the God of War, and he loves to show his boundaries, define boundaries, and assert himself to protect those boundaries…but he is also the one to push others boundaries as well…he is about taking control of the situation. His color is red which represents passion and anger. And with it being in Rx it is stronger and close to Earth. One way to understand the planets is by knowing their myths, their history. I know history is boring for many, but history is always needed as it does give us a better understanding of things. Now we all know that Mars is the God of War, but he was also the guardian of Agriculture. In Roman mythology, he was of great importance and comes in 2nd to Jupiter. He was identified as Ares to the Greeks. He delivers virility and virtue; he focuses on growing the land and then defending it, even by warding off forces of nature…his path can be tense and aggressive…but he produces security after the war. Now, don’t get me wrong, as this energy can be savage. For those of you who have close Aries friends, or the Aries out there, you may already know this. To understand him, we have to understand the God role, not patriarchal role, the God role, and more specifically the God of War and the guardian of the farmers and soldiers, so the energy of sacrifice is in this energy as well. This is “highest good” energy, it may be rough but its energy is meant for the best. Finding peace through war or turbulent times. This is why Rx can be a good thing, as the Rx energy makes you take a step back and then Mars will ask you why you are taking this particular path.
With Mercury Rx, this does add to that energy..it is making us revisit the situation. On the 1st Mars will Square Uranus, this energy is stepping up and taking control of a situation and doing what needs to be done to fulfill what needs to happen. Mars is ‘assertive action’ and Uranus is about resolution. So basically this means that we are going to feel something going on, something is about to happen…but we are not sure what and when. This is unpredictable energy…so still expect the unexpected. It will run until the 1st of October this year, so on the 1st, this energy becomes exact. Yes unpredictable, but is about new ways to do things. This is high vibration energy, and remember to step back from aggressive situations (Rx time) think before you do. The point I want to make about Mars, yes he is known as the God of War..the soldiers and warriors, for some reason, we have such a one-sided view about warriors…we think they are always warring, they’re all the time battling. But one closer inspection, we see a different side…when the warriors/soldiers are not in wars defending what they love and hold dear, they are at home…they are helping others in different ways…they are working on the villages, they are keepers of the community. It is very narrow-minded a serious mistake to only see our warriors one-sided…to be a warrior is a noble path, they help lead the way. Aries is the cardinal fire that moves us from darkness into light. This is about how to take this challenges, all of this unpredictable energy, and how you reform them into better what works.
I want to share this explanation of the Hierophant card, which is the card that represents Aries…and I feel it fits perfectly into this energy right now.
Please forgive me as I can not remember the name of the Tarot Deck this came from, so I am not taking credit for this piece.
“The first time a would-be warrior holds his sword, he believes power to be inherently resonant in the sword itself. Many of those who create tools to create something in their life think the power and the ability lies within the tool itself. But when the would-be warrior learns to wield the sword, he learns the power lies with him and therefore all the responsibility for that power lies in him and his actions. The throne upon which a ruler sits is given the honor to be the seat of his power yet no order, no laws, or power come from that throne. It comes from the ruler sitting upon it. Many would be Warriors seek training in the skills of the sword and ax I first teach them the art of self-control and discipline. Because how can you act with responsibility and the whole weight of your power if you do not understand what it means to give order to something? I am the man of war who can teach you to own your power, teach you to act in this world with precision, courage, force, and ambition. I am the honored Sun King who does not fight or seek conflict. Conflict demonstrates power imbalance and the desire for power. Power is never to be a goal but a resource within you that you can access if you understand order and responsibility.”

Returning to Our Roots

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Returning to our roots…

With all of the retrograde energy flowing around, it is inevitable that something from your past finds you. It could be an ex wanting to come back, or just simply an old friend coming back into your life. For me, this has really been the case. This whole year has been one of coming full circle, things from the not-so-long ago past, to way distant past showing up at my door way.

It has really made me do a lot of soul searching, and in one case dropping the illusion that was presented to my face. And in that particular relationship, I had to drop. The world of love is such an enchanting place, as it can sure glamour us. One thing that returned was someone I left behind, and that was a blessing. Now for the other, hmmm

I have had a friend recently return to my life. It was someone I shared a spiritual bond with.

It’s been a good while since we spoke, and he informed me of some devastating things he has been through. His life had been consumed by this situation, and it seems he has lost a bit of his footing. My heart went out to him.

Sometimes on our spiritual path (even in our physical world) we can get distracted by things…good or bad. There are things that happen in our life that end up taking precedence in our life. IT becomes our sun. We are focused on IT, and all the rest just falls aside. So when said situation is gone, you can have feeling of being lost, and just not knowing which way to turn. Sometimes we have to go back – go back to the time when we felt “right”, when we felt secure within yourself. Sometimes we need to go back to those roots of who we are, even though we are not the same person. We have to remember who we are and where we were headed. Go back to that moment helps us ground in our beingness. Remember our feelings, our thoughts, what our passion was.

This is actually the perfect time to be doing this…grounding, becoming conscious, is it still needed in your life, then either releasing it and let it go so it no longer holds you back; or taking it forward with you transforming into better and better. I feel this is just one of many reasons why history is so important, there are deep lessons there for one to fine – you just gotta want to!

So if you’re in that place of not knowing what to do next, of healing and having to move on with your life, or just feeling like you’ve lost you; take a moment and remember who you were. Now what would that person tell you? What would they remind you of? What lesson are you failing to see? What knowledge have you let slip you by?

The spiritual path isnt always sugar plums and rainbows, it about digging deep into Earth peeling away every mask you have ever worn…exposing your true face, your authentic self.

Ancestor Message

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So up in the middle of the night, the ancestors called. They gave me this message…
The KING OF VESSELS, or as many of you know the King of Cups. On the card is a Heron, a bird very familiar to the Low Country. What you might not know is this card is connected to the ancestors, particularly messages from the ancestors. In this deck book, as with just about all tarot decks, this card has the core meaning but with a spin. The King of Vessels is one who has control of his emotions, so as we all strive to do this, be mindful you’re not seeming too cold or distant. This is a message of fairness, beauty, and honor. This is about having a deeply evolved character. This is affectionate, intuitive, creative energy,
Now the Heron is about the intuition/psychic realm as well, remember he’s a messenger. He represents the holy day (sabbat) Lughnasadh, or commonly called Lammas. This is the perfect timing for him to show up. He also stands at the gateway between life and death, and he is the guardian to esoteric knowledge.
This cards message is about looking deeper into all the aspects of your life. He tells of the importance of grounding deep in the Earth and to make sure we are always making time for our spiritual practice. This is usually the animal spirit for those that follow the beat to their own drum, and those that are ‘Jacks of all trades’.
He reminds us that sometimes things just require a different perspective. He urges us to take challenging situations and use your uniqueness to make it work for you, and it will require you to see it in a different light. Sometimes, in order to do this, you may need to go have some quiet time (meditation or a wall in nature) to help you ground all the energy. Tap into your creative energy and listen to your intuition. The message is there, there is a way, you just have to slow down enough (inside and out) to see it.
Sirona Rose