Knight of Wands

KnightofWandsThe Knight of Wands represents fire and what a lovely card for this energy right now.  Wands represent FIRE…did I mention FIRE??  The Aries New Moon is a few days away, so many fire signs will be feeling this energy.  He brings change and adventure.  This can be very exciting energy, opportunities will present themselves and expect the unexpected.  This is a time of bold moves and action.  But please remember that with action comes change.  He can teach us to accept change, as it truly is what we make of it.  With this intense energy, this can take us into negative roles such as taking dangerous risk and doing things with haste.  May need to slow down for a minute, step back and look at the bigger picture.  If everything is feeling good, don’t walk away from an offer that will deeply benefit you!  Remember who you are, and have confidence in yourself.  Stay tune for the New Moon reading, there will see what energy Luna is bringing in.

Many Blessings,

Stacy Hill


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