December 10, 2018 Weekly Reading

Good morning Starshines!
I hope you all had a restful slumber.
Here are the cards that represent the underlying energy of the week. You could pick one or pick 2 or 3 and you can read them in any direction.

Reading from left to right…

4 of PENTACLES… Every time I see this card I think of the lyrics “Hold On Loosely but don’t let go”. Pentacles are about our material wealth, and here we are hanging onto something that we consider of great value to us. This could be something that you have been working very hard on building, being 4s represent a foundation. We have to realize that we can’t be in control all the time, sometimes we have to go with the flow and work things out along the way. Make sure that what you are holding onto so desperately is actually worth it. Some of us can’t seem to release what is really not beneficial in our lives anymore. This card has the energy of greed, so remember your self-worth isn’t equivalent to your bank account.

2 of SWORDS….. swords represent our intellect, our mental mind. And here we have a decision that needs to be made, in this card the Mermaid is having to pick between the man drowning in the water below her or going back to the Sea – her home. This is a decision that you will have to dig down deep to find the answers to, and it won’t be easy. The red in the card indicates passion meaning this is something that will affect you emotionally; the water represents our intuition, so this is something that we’re going to have to listen to our intuition about; and the shell that she is holding represents messages from the Otherworld, to help her get to the truth. The Sun is setting, meaning time is running out, you have a decision to make a very important one at that and it’s time to make it and go forward.

QUEEN OF SWORDS… I refer to this card as the ship store. As this queen gets to the bottom of the situation, to the absolute truth, not letting anything stand in the way. In this card, it shows her holding on to her sword resting your head upon it as if it is telling her something, and it is. It is telling her that even though there is a lot of passion, emotional energy swirling around her to remain grounded and centered. She will always cut through to the raw truth of things, as that is all she will accept. This truth can be strong, and feel as though it is cutting through all of the nonsense to that which is truly important. Don’t expect a sugar coating here, this is the raw truth and this is what is definitely needed at this time. This Queen expects you to walk your talk.

Summoning this reading up, reading all the cards together….

This week we really need to look at what we are grasping to. Is it still bringing us growth, or has it settled into stagnation? The moon’s light is pouring into the window on the 4 of Pentacles card, meaning there are things hidden that need to come into light. And if you were too focused on one thing, it can blind you to you what else is going on around you. There’s a pressing decision that needs to be made. It will be one that will change your life forever, in a good way. This is something that may not come easily to you, as you may have a lot of yourself invested into it and have depended upon it in material ways. But it seems that the Queen of Truth is here to make sure things will all come out in the open. There may be a deep secret that could be revealed to you, or you could just feel like you have been going through the motions and you have been living a lie yourself.

This is a week where the big decisions are to be made, bringing us truth like we’ve never experienced before….as well as allowing us to walk in our truth and integrity.

To thine own Self be true.

Have a magically blessed day!

Sirona Rose 🌹

~ by SironaRose on December 10, 2018.

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