Night of Hecate


Night of Hecate is November the 16th, and this year there are definitely some shifts going on. First, let’s talk about the Goddess Hecate.

Hecate/Hekate is known as the Goddess of the Crossroads, magic, the night, moon, ghosts as well as necromancy.  Her family history is a bit scandalous, but the one most probable is she was the only child of the Titan Perses and Asteria (who passed down the power over heaven, earth, and sea to Hecate).  Her name is from the Greek word ‘hekatos’ meaning “worker from afar” and the masculine form of her name is Hekatos, which is a common epithet of the God Apollon. She has been identified with a few other Goddesses such as Artemis, Selen (the Moon), the Arkadian Despoine, the sea-goddess Krataeis/Crataeis, the goddess of the Taurian Khersonese (of Skythia), the Kolkhian/Colchian, Perseus, and Argive Iphigeneia, the Thracian Goddesses Bendis and Kotys/Cotys, Euboian Maira (the Dog Star), Eleusinian Daeira, and the Boiotian Nymphe Herkyna/Hercyna.

In most statues, this ancient goddess was often depicted in triple form as the Goddess of the Crossroads.  She is said to aid those that are at crossroads in their life, helping them take the path that will be best for them.

In many Greek vase paintings, she is shown as a woman holding twin torches, dressed in a knee-length maiden’s skirt and hunting boots similar to Artemis.  For that, she is mostly considered a virgin goddess. As of today, the oldest known image that has survived of Goddess Hecate is dated back to the 6th century BCE and is very small, only 20cm high and is made of terracotta.  Goddess Hecate is depicted as crowned and enthroned in a pose which is similar to that of the Goddess Kybele (whom Hekate shares the title “Brimo” which means angry or terrifying). The name Brimo is very significant as it has been found recorded on Orphic Funeral Tablets as a password to be spoken by the initiation death at the gates of the underworld (where Hecate holds the keys) to safely enter. This particular password was combined with the Orphic Oath, “I am a child of earth and starry heaven, but my race is of heaven alone”, which supports the context of Hecate being the daughter of the stellar Goddess Asteria.   


November 16th is the Night of Hecate and it begins at Sunset, as well as August 13th is dedicated to her. On that day, she is prayed to for protection against severe thunderstorms and the protection of crops. On the Night of Hecate, we honor this triple Goddess as a Crone, taking us into our dark cycle. This is the night of the dinner at the Crossroads.

Goddess Hecate has many aspects than just the one of The Queen of Ghosts, she is also known as a Goddess of fertility, Goddess of Magic and Night, Queen of the Witches, and holder of the keys to three roads: to Hades, to Heaven and to a lucky life on earth.  Although today, she is worshipped more for her caring, loving, sweet, and gentle but those are just some aspects of this Triple Goddess as we do have to honor her as our Dark Mother. In this aspect, she is the Crone and it is here where growth begins. Here, she will challenge you, she will present your shadows to you, helping you to face them and work through them so they will no longer be your blocks. She teaches you had to work with that energy and the importance that it has. The good thing here is it is She that will walk with you all along the way, never leaving your side. It is She that stands at the Crossroads with you in your time of transition. Remember, it was She who rescued Persephone from the Underworld. This Goddess can peer into all worlds and guards the border between this world and the Spirit world. She has also been known to work with Witches during their dreams times when they are having difficult times.

One of the ways we acknowledge Hecate in our lives is when we pull back the veil and be conscious of all of our aspects. It is she who is a mirror unto us. Whatever imagine you see of her, it is only a reflection of your shadow. She does this because she knows that the only way you can truly “know thy self’ is by having that walking the Underworld and leave our old self behind and transition through the changes allowing self-transformation. She helps us leave our fears behind.

As she walks along beside us, She carries a lantern that not only helps us to see our stepping, but it stands for enlightenment – our enlightenment. She teaches us to take our challenges, no matter hard bleak it may seem, and transform them into stepping stones turning them into tools to help get us where we want to be. Evolving into a more conscious BEing.
Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose


~ by TerraRubrae on November 15, 2018.

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