Mercury Rx in Sagittarius

Good morning Starshines!
So I guess most of you have gotten wind that Mercury will be going retrograde on the 16th. Mercury retrograde (Rx) has become quite the buzz, but many do not really understand what it is about. They only understand the “miscommunication” or whatever can go wrong will. I want us to see it in a different light because retrogrades are actually a gift to us. You see the planets are not “out to get us”, they are completely neutral with us. Retrogrades are completely normal, and actually, give us a time to go inward and pull our energy back to us a bit. So I want to explain this a bit so you don’t feel panic or anxious about this time. Remember you are in charge of yourself, and I want to help you make the most of these energies.

Mercury will be going Rx November 16 in Sagitarrius and will travel back into Scorpio on December 7. Now the blessings of Rx is it helps us see what we have missed, helps us get clarity on those things we need clarity on, helps us see where we need to slow down, and helps us declutter our lives a bit. When life gets busy and hectic, there are things we miss, maybe we have been focusing too much on the little things instead of looking at the bigger picture. Mercury is the fastest moving planet and it associated with our mind and traveling. Retrogrades simply help us slow down for a minute. With it being in Sagittarius, it will help us process our world. Mercury is more of a specific, while Sagittarius is more about the world, the bigger picture. This is actually an opposite energy, but they do have something in common…..they are both non-committal. In this placement, we are urged to be more open-minded and giving us a moment to process our world. Some of us have had to really step out of our comfort zones, making us have to dig deep and forcing us to push forward, some have just felt tied to something and not being able to breathe. Sagittarius is giving us the energy of freedom, it is about the experiences that have shaped your life. This is actually a refreshing energy as this year has been super intense. With this retrograde being square to Neptune in Pisces, you will be free to float in those Neptune waters.
This retrograde will offer you a feeling of freedom to just float along for a bit. It will allow you the time to review things in your life, to open your mind a bit, These 3 weeks will be a blessing, it will give us a moment to be out of our head, so we can truly have a deep reflection on your life and all that has happened this past year. it’s time to really reassess your life and call back your energy where it is no longer needed.
I will say you might have to watch how you communicate with others. As at this time you may want to go inward and be away from the world, you still need to be conscious that somethings need to be said and some maybe not.
Many Blessings,
Sirona Rose đŸŒ¹

~ by TerraRubrae on November 14, 2018.

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