Being Psychically Attacked

A while ago I read an article, I can’t remember where that was talking about vampires and zombies.  Now we all know for the past couple years that

Vampires and zombies have been flooding the scene of movies and TV shows. We’ve probably heard of energy or psychic Vampires and how they drain empaths, but what of zombies? In this article, they spoke of zombies stealing ideas and living off of another, and I can’t remember exactly all that was said but let us look at zombies, what do they do? Well, energy vamps take energy, but zombies, well I associate this with those people who take others ideas, or others creations and use them for their own gain. They take and take use and abuse, and then when they are finished just cast them aside. They really have no particular talents, they will do or say what they need to just to take from others.

Now empaths and sensitives usually fall prey to these people because they project themselves in either being a victim or someone that desperately needs help. You will be shown by them a background of people who have taken advantage of them in some shape and fashion appealing to the healing nature in empaths, but unfortunately, you only get to see their side. It isn’t until they have sucked you dry that you realize they aren’t the victim they claim to be.

These people, in my opinion, and experience, do tend to be narcissistic in nature. You will see them try to surround themselves with empaths, intuitive, those sensitive type peoples because they crave that spiritual energy. They will try to even live in that spiritual world but it never fully goes to their heart. They will project it, but their actions tend to show differently.

As I speak to different clients, especially those just opening their third eye, their intuition, and other empaths I can see a pattern in their lives.

As sensitives and those of the artist paths, we have to be careful about how much we give to others. We really have to be clear in our boundaries and keep our ground when others try to blur those lines….and they will.  We have to draw those lines to protect ourselves.

As more and more people are awakening, they are able to identify the players in their lives and heal; drawing those boundaries and protecting themselves.

If you like to wear stones, black tourmaline, Apache tears, amethyst, ruby, labradorite, and adventurine are a few that you can use for protection.  


Sirona Rose 🌹

~ by SironaRose on November 10, 2018.

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