Weekly Message

I felt the need to pull a card from the Wildwood Tarot to see what energy is coming with us into next week.
Ah the Wheel is turning once more, change is here. The three Herons stand at the edge of still water…the Fates are watching a completion. Change is here and upon us, things are coming to an end…but with endings come beginnings. These beginnings offer us many possibilities, what are you choosing?
Many feel that our lives are fated to a certain path, but remember YOU always influence just how things turn out. Just as the unfinished shirt hangs on the loom, we do have to physically add in our ideals.
With this freedom we have to qorknwoth our destiny, comes mich responsibility. You do have the ability to change the course of our life, but again this requires self responsibility.
The winds of change are and have been upon us. We have the power to fix what needs fixing, adjust what needs adjusting, nurture what needs to grow, live life on your terms. You are at a place of ending and beginning….what are you going to make of it?

Many Blessings,
Sirona Rose 🌹

~ by TerraRubrae on October 16, 2018.

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