Terra Energy Report


It has been one week since our Pisces full moon, and many could still be in the middle of this energy. This moon’s energy takes us back to last September when we had a full moon in Aries, so here we are processing all that we have learned in the pasts year. On September 6th, Saturn (our teacher) will be going direct and he may very well test us on the challenges we had. We’ve had four of our outer planets in retrograde and it has really been testing us. Our outer planets represent out outside world, what is going on around us. He has been making us to really take a good look at ourselves and making us step-up and make those boundaries that need to be made. Saturn is home here, so he is fully able to express himself.  Also, he has been making us examine what we are putting our time into, is it truly benefiting us? Are we being taken advantage of? Or are we just wasting our time? He will be soon going direct, and with Mars already direct, you better be ready for some energy to pick up.

I will not sugar coat this, but our energy isn’t exactly all positive energy at the moment. There seems to be a lot of “kinks” being worked out of the chain. Pluto has been in retrograde in Capricorn as well. Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld and he has been dredging the bottom bringing up all kinds of stuff that we do not want to look at..the bad, the ugly, the things we want to remain unseen.

During our full moon on August 26th in Pisces, we had a beautiful earth trine between the sun, Saturn, and Uranus, and this is yummy energy. We’ve had the energy of thought and creation, now its the energy of bringing it into the physical. Pisces is the completion sign, it has us looking at our emotional and spiritual selves and seeing how far we have come. It’s planet Neptune wants to make the impossible possible and mixed with the Virgo energy (the sun sign we are in now) it brings us to the physical self.  Now we are being called to pay attention to what is important to us, what we feel is our priority. What are you sinking your energy into? Is it draining you or feeding you? What are you giving your control to?

Our society right now wants to drag us off to la la land, wants to seduce us with an illusion….are you able to see through it? Many people want change, but when it gets hard they back down. See change brings about…..change. With that change there will be things that we lose and gain, we have to be able to release what needs to be released and proceed on our path. I know I mention this a lot, but listen to your intuition…feel how things, people, and situations make you feel. Connecting with your Self is highlighted during this time. This energy is wanting you to commit to YOU! That Pisces moon was offering us the energy to balance our physical (Virgo) self and our Spiritual (Pisces) self.

There is an energy of Fear in our world. Fear is the feeling of losing something. What are you in fear of? This energy is here to help you face and release that as well. The Divine Feminine rising movement has been a very big thing in our world, and it’s not going to go away…no, the cat’s out of the bag on that. What we have to work on is balancing the two. Both Masculine and Feminine energy to the extreme is not a good thing. Sure, true balance is never truly achieved, but a harmonious one is. In our 3D world, we have duality. We have each side of the spectrum. Some are in fear of materially sustaining yourself, instead of losing yourself in that fear, face it and step back from it and see it for what it is. We have to look deeper than the surface. Sure, many will say “Well you don’t know my circumstances, you don’t know what I am going through” and you’re probably right as I am not you. What I saying to you is to not let it rule you, don’t let this moment in time consume you in its fear. Step outside the box and try to see it from a different perspective. Look around you, there are ways to aid us in helping us to make things happen.

Honor yourself spiritually and physically. Let go of the past so you can open yourself up to a higher potential within yourself. This year hasn’t been easy on many, and these eclipses opened us up to the underworld. We are beginning to come out and the energy is picking up. We are in the middle of our harvest season and yes it is a bit hectic, but you have to be grounded in this process…be the eye in the center of the storm. Virgo’s Mother energy will really aid you in learning what nurturing is about, but be aware of its mental compacity as it will keep you in your head and not be productive and can driving you crazy with its perfectionist mentality. Remember life is in cycles. Step up and be an Active BEing in your life!

If you want to hear a more in-depth report, tune in to http://www.TheCauldron.net every Thursday night at 9pm Eastern Standard Time for the AstroTarot Report where you will get an astrology reading as well as a tarot reading…..As Above, So Below!

My saying is…….“Astrology teaches us we all have our own unique paths to walk, and we must walk it”

Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose

~ by TerraRubrae on September 2, 2018.

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