Healing Rage

“Now I’m not going to tell you a big, fat lie and say you can cleanse all of your rage today or next week and it will be gone forever. The anger and torment of times past rise up in the sake on a silicol basis. All the way deep purging discharges most of archaic hurt and rage, the residue can never completely be swept clear. But it should leave a very light Ash, not a hungry fire. So the clearing of residual rage must come at a periodic ritual, one that releases us, for to carry old rage beyond the point of its usefulness is to carry a constant, if unconscious, anxiety.
Sometimes people become confused and think that to be stuck in an outdated rage means to fuss and fume and to act out and toss and throw things. It does not mean that in most cases. It means to be tired all the time, to carry a thick layer of cynicism, to the hopeful, the tender, the promising. It means to be afraid you will lose before you open your mouth. It means to reach Flashpoint inside rather you show it on the outside or not. It means bilious entrenching silences. It means feeling helpless. But there is a way out, and it is through forgiveness.”
~excerpt from the boom Women Who Run With Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes PhD

Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose

~ by TerraRubrae on August 14, 2018.

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