Returning to Our Roots

Returning to our roots…

With all of the retrograde energy flowing around, it is inevitable that something from your past finds you. It could be an ex wanting to come back, or just simply an old friend coming back into your life. For me, this has really been the case. This whole year has been one of coming full circle, things from the not-so-long ago past, to way distant past showing up at my door way.

It has really made me do a lot of soul searching, and in one case dropping the illusion that was presented to my face. And in that particular relationship, I had to drop. The world of love is such an enchanting place, as it can sure glamour us. One thing that returned was someone I left behind, and that was a blessing. Now for the other, hmmm

I have had a friend recently return to my life. It was someone I shared a spiritual bond with.

It’s been a good while since we spoke, and he informed me of some devastating things he has been through. His life had been consumed by this situation, and it seems he has lost a bit of his footing. My heart went out to him.

Sometimes on our spiritual path (even in our physical world) we can get distracted by things…good or bad. There are things that happen in our life that end up taking precedence in our life. IT becomes our sun. We are focused on IT, and all the rest just falls aside. So when said situation is gone, you can have feeling of being lost, and just not knowing which way to turn. Sometimes we have to go back – go back to the time when we felt “right”, when we felt secure within yourself. Sometimes we need to go back to those roots of who we are, even though we are not the same person. We have to remember who we are and where we were headed. Go back to that moment helps us ground in our beingness. Remember our feelings, our thoughts, what our passion was.

This is actually the perfect time to be doing this…grounding, becoming conscious, is it still needed in your life, then either releasing it and let it go so it no longer holds you back; or taking it forward with you transforming into better and better. I feel this is just one of many reasons why history is so important, there are deep lessons there for one to fine – you just gotta want to!

So if you’re in that place of not knowing what to do next, of healing and having to move on with your life, or just feeling like you’ve lost you; take a moment and remember who you were. Now what would that person tell you? What would they remind you of? What lesson are you failing to see? What knowledge have you let slip you by?

The spiritual path isnt always sugar plums and rainbows, it about digging deep into Earth peeling away every mask you have ever worn…exposing your true face, your authentic self.

~ by TerraRubrae on August 5, 2018.

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