Ancestor Message

So up in the middle of the night, the ancestors called. They gave me this message…
The KING OF VESSELS, or as many of you know the King of Cups. On the card is a Heron, a bird very familiar to the Low Country. What you might not know is this card is connected to the ancestors, particularly messages from the ancestors. In this deck book, as with just about all tarot decks, this card has the core meaning but with a spin. The King of Vessels is one who has control of his emotions, so as we all strive to do this, be mindful you’re not seeming too cold or distant. This is a message of fairness, beauty, and honor. This is about having a deeply evolved character. This is affectionate, intuitive, creative energy,
Now the Heron is about the intuition/psychic realm as well, remember he’s a messenger. He represents the holy day (sabbat) Lughnasadh, or commonly called Lammas. This is the perfect timing for him to show up. He also stands at the gateway between life and death, and he is the guardian to esoteric knowledge.
This cards message is about looking deeper into all the aspects of your life. He tells of the importance of grounding deep in the Earth and to make sure we are always making time for our spiritual practice. This is usually the animal spirit for those that follow the beat to their own drum, and those that are ‘Jacks of all trades’.
He reminds us that sometimes things just require a different perspective. He urges us to take challenging situations and use your uniqueness to make it work for you, and it will require you to see it in a different light. Sometimes, in order to do this, you may need to go have some quiet time (meditation or a wall in nature) to help you ground all the energy. Tap into your creative energy and listen to your intuition. The message is there, there is a way, you just have to slow down enough (inside and out) to see it.
Sirona Rose

~ by TerraRubrae on August 5, 2018.

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