Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse




On Friday the 27th we will be having a full moon lunar eclipse, and this one will be a BLOOD MOON and the energy will be dynamic. For numerology, the 27th breaks down to 9 which is about completion; but it also breaks 3…3×3 and 9×3 = 27 for those of you in the occult path, you know the significance and power of this number.
Now an interesting thing we have here is that moon will be conjunct with it’s South Node and Mars which is Rx. Now, what does this mean? Well, eclipse’s are about breaking apart and clearing away, the full moon is about lighting up the shadows and with the South node, this is going to be something that will be released something that we have deep emotional ties to. This is ending energy. With Mars Rx, this will make us feel frustrated or we may have some inner anger issues as Mars is not being able to go forward. I know many are glad we are out of the Cancer’s emotional waters, but it helped us get in touch with our heart chakra. Now, as this is eclipse is happening, these placements will be square to Uranus (Aquarius) in Taurus giving us the push for “letting go of old outdated way” and being open to new innovative ways…He says that it is time to move on. Uranus is about tribes, team, and wants the highest good for all of humanity. Uranus makes you look at your attachments your foundation and security, he brings attention to what needs to be changed in those areas. This is a BIG completion energy, dynamic, and emotional; there are times that you may feel a lot of pressure but it is the Mars Rx energy so it is important that you stay grounded. What we are releasing can be a bit emotional and on a deep Soul level. This is a conscious collective energy… think Soul level. On July 25th, just two days before, Uranus will also square Leo and the Moon’s North node that is also in Leo. Uranus is Aquarius’ planet, this is breaking free from the past, freedom and liberation energy…it is the planet of the future. This is what is giving us the energy to shine from our core. Leo’s energy is about loving self and bringing forth the best aspects of yourself. This is your passion, what you love…it is wanting you to share it with the world. This energy is supporting us on a Soul level to help us release what we need to release, allow our highest potential to shine. This energy is like humanity coming out of the birth canal, the energy is pushing us into this new Age, this new energy and we are feeling that we are on new land, new surroundings. This is the energy of new world consciousness, many of us are going to feel this in our solar plexus.
During a full moon, the sun and moon are opposite of each other, they are faced against each other and this energy makes you look at that which was hidden from you. It draws your attention to things that you may not have noticed before. So with this eclipse energy, you may become aware of something that was hidden within you…maybe you will find something new that will help you express yourself from your core..your soul.
Now something else that I feel we must talk about, and something that will help us is on the 26th Mercury will station in Leo and go retrograde, like I stated in the last show ti will be there until August 18th, and this station tells us to PAUSE, PAY ATTENTION, OBSERVE! Now, whenever Mercury decides to go Rx, many just seem to panic because we are having all these technical problems, communication issues or just feeling stuck in the mud. Honestly, this is such a welcomed energy at this busy time, we just have to know how to view it in a helpful way. Mercury Rx is about REs; revisiting RE-prioritizing, refocus…remember…remember who you are and where you came from. This is actually a great time to look back at where you were a year ago, or better yet, where you came from. Look at how much you’ve grown where you are now versus then. What has this journey brought you so far? With these planet placements, we are being able to fully unpack our baggage, stuff that we’ve been carrying for years, release it and move and grow beyond it. This is a really good time to look at your gifts. We all came here for a reason, do you know yours? This is a good time to ask yourself WHY DID I CHOOSE TO COME HERE IN THIS TIME AND WALK THIS JOURNEY?
Be open to seeing the answers… it may come in unusual ways.
This pausing energy allows us to really look at things from a different perspective, and it allows us to grow Spiritually.
The one thing that many of us do not realize that with letting go, may come sadness. We all want to let go of what isn’t beneficial to us anymore, but we fail to understand that by doing so we really have to LET IT GO, RELEASE IT.
This will be a time of unburdening yourself during this time. This is a very receptive period, so please step back and respond.
chiron is in Aries Rx. Chiron is our wounded healer and in this placement, he is looking at Self. he makes us look at our past wounds, and see if we are in fact healed from them – if not he will bring them up and make you deal with them. This can come in triggers, or things that make you frustrate us. It makes us get down and dirty, to the root of the problem and Aries says solve it.
The full moon lunar eclipse will make us deal with things. show us what has been hidden from us, things we may not have been expecting.
We will be having several retrogrades (Rxs) at the beginning of August… hold on tight this is going to be one heck’ova ride!
I will post the reading separately.
Thank you all so much. I think for the next reading I will be videoing it to make it simple, as there will not be so much reading, nor me typing.
Enchanted Blessings,

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~ by TerraRubrae on July 30, 2018.

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