Righteous Anger

I was asked before about anger, bullet spitting mad anger and about if you should act. In the new age movement, they have mostly taken the Christian approach of “turn the other cheek”. Now, if you are Pagan you know this, this goes completely against the Laws of Nature. There is a time to stand up, to pick and choose those battles. There is a such thing as rightous anger,

“To turn the other cheek, that is, to remain silent in the face of Injustice or mistreatment, has to be weighed very carefully. It is one thing to use passive resistance as a political tool as Gandhi taught masses of people to do, but it is quite another matter when women are encouraged or forced to be silent in order to survive an impossible situation of corrupt or unjust power in the family, community, or world. Then women are amputated from the wild nature and their silence is not Serenity but an enormous defense against being harmed. It is a mistake for others to think that just because a woman is silent, it means she approves of life as it is.
There are times when it becomes imperative to release a rage that shakes the skies. There is a time – even though these times are very rare, there is definitely a time – to let loose all the Firepower one has. It has to be in response to a serious offense, the offense has to be big and against the Soul or Spirit. All other reasonable avenues for change have to be attempted first if these fail, then we have to choose the right time. There is definitely a right time for full born rage. When women pay attention to the instinctual self, they know when it’s time. Intuitively they know and they act and it is right. Right as rain.”

Excerpt from Women Who Run With Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola

Enchanted Blessings,

Sirona Rose 🌙

~ by SironaRose on July 29, 2018.

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