Return to Innocence

We hear that spiritual growth is a hard and messy process and I for one will have to agree.

Last year I was able to experience, or should I say consciously experience, a full eclipse. It was such an exciting day, where I was able to be a part of a group of strangers celebrating such a cool event. Myths state that eclipses bring about much change, and some indigenous people believe that you should stay inside, as being out in it isnt good energy. Well, I am not sure about all of that I can only go by what I have experienced. The solar eclipse back on August 5, 2017 brought about much change for me.

Walking the Path of the Goddess, obviously you spend a lot of time with the Goddess. But there does come a time for the God, and a time to work with him as well. For many, this energy is a bit harder to work with because of old wounds that the masculine energy triggers. Now, I am not saying that masculine energy is bad, as it is not as I am just recently learning, but it can be used to the negative – such as in patriarchal societies. True masculine energy embraces the feminine, and encourages her strength. In just about all Celtic Knight legends, the Knight receives the sword from The Lady. This isnt about bowing, it is about chiverary and that is one thing in this world that is lacking. One thing that the God does teach is boundaries, and he teaches you how to stand up to those crossing them. After that eclipse, a sequence of events happened in my life that drastically changed things for me.

Now here we are back in a eclipse season. It is a partial, but it still carries that transformation energy. On the same day we will be having a new moon in cancer. There is intense energy happening here, and I wonder what this will bring. The past year has brought many things full circle in my life, so I am very inquisitive at what the next year will bring. Mars has been retrograde in Aquarius which has pushed me into purging many thing from my life here lately. Things that just dont work, and people. I have been closing doors, and bringing closure to old energies that were just hanging around draining me. It is okay to release all those that hang around pulling you back to a past that you would just rather move past. It is okay to release things that truly cause you more harm than good. In releasing we are releasing our energetic attachment to ‘it’ and this can trigger fear with in us. Just breathe and face that fear. Not that you have ‘no fear’, but you are emotionally ready to sit in that fear and face it head on. I am here at this new beginning, tired from the path that I just walked but oh so eager to begin again. So I take this time to relax, rejuvenate, and prepare for the new journey before me.

The unknown can be scary, as we do not really know what to expect. In releasing yourself to freedom, we open our self to unlimited possibilities….ones that have the opportunity to take us anywhere. This is where you planning your goals, and focusing your energy come in. Now gather your bow position your arrow, aim……release!

Enchanted Blessings,

Sirona Rose

~ by TerraRubrae on July 8, 2018.

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