July Celestial Updates

Hello July

Welcome July!!
What an active month we have in our stars!
So I know that many people have been having a time dealing with all of this crazy energy. Like I’ve stated in my past post, the best thing to do is ‘go with the flow’ and make do out of what you can. For may this is an opening up of new opportunities, you just have to stay conscious of your thoughts and how you are looking at things.
I wanted to share a bit about what all is coming up this month…take a deep breath….now release it, releasing stress and all.
So, right now we are gearing up for our Solar eclipse we are having on July 12th. Remember last years eclipse? Well we will be coming full circle dealing with energy. Now two days before this happens, Jupiter turns direct in Scorpio, this will take a bit of the heavy feelings off, as well as opening us up to growth, and achievement. Water signs (Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio) might feel this shift a bit more than others may even some good luck.
For the solar eclipse, this can bring some expected change, this is not always a bad thing. This is an excellent time to quit bad habits, but I would hold off on major changes until a week after the eclipse. We may see a bit more turbulence in our world as not every understands that these celestial events do in fact affect us, so some will have anxiety, anger, and some may just seem disoriented…this is a big energy wave. This type of energy is like a kick in the pants to get up and get moving, exposing things you just didnt want to see. Now this eclipse will be in the watery sign of Cancer, so emotions will be heightened and you will want emotional satisfaction in all areas of you life.
Then on July 27th we will have a lunar eclipse in Aquarius. This is an excellent time for shadow work, or even your shadow self may make itself known. This can also mean us seeing that in others. What we discover about ourself and others at this time, may be a bit much to swallow. We have to learn to own our feelings and actions. We are responsible for ourself and our emotions are okay, we just have to learn how to work with them to allow them to help us advance in life….instead of going backwards.
Mercury will be going retrograde… Yes, on July 26th ( goes direct 8/18/2018) in the sign of Leo and will be Rx (retro) for about 3 weeks. Remember the energy of this can be felt a week before and a week after.
Venus going into Virgo on July 9th. Honestly, this isn’t really her favorite place as She will be wanting us to focus more on our health and doing what we need to do to take care of our self.  Virgo’s perfectionist personality will make Lady Venus be conscious of how She presents herself to the world. We are wanting to present ourselves looking good, put together, and confident.
This month will be one of growth, or discontent if you refuse the cycle of change. Don’t let others prevent you from achieving your goals, be careful about who you share your goals with. Around the 11th, there may be an opportunity to meet some one interesting, be open. With that eclipse energy, make sure you have your emotions under check and those around you. Some secrets, or things that have been hidden, may come out this month for some of you. The Lunar eclipse will make you deal with this. We all have a shadow self that we should not be afraid of. Pollyanna days of pretend are over, be real. This month we are learning how to love the good with the bad. We are learning that we are in fact Spiritual Beings having a human experience!
Celestial Blessings,

~ by TerraRubrae on July 3, 2018.

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