Capricorn Full Moon

What a ride this energy has been! This is a busy time of the year, but with Mars’ retrograde, we are feeling the ‘slow down’ energy. This is happening just in time, as many of us feel like we are working our self into the ground. This needed brake will keep us from getting burned out of our ‘work’. Welcome to full moon energy, ready to illuminate this energy. A little interesting bit, June’s full moon was named the Strawberry Moon by the Native American Algonquian tribe as it was when they would gather strawberries. All those new moon wishes you did on June 13th will now begin to bloom, and maybe you are feeling like you are on shaky ground. Well, you kind of are. Before we get to the full moon, let’s first talk about all the retrogrades we are having right now. When the moon become full in Capricorn at 6 degrees, Saturn will also be joining her at 6 degrees with Pluto in close proximity at 20 degrees. And guess what folks, Saturn and Pluto is retrograde. Saturn is like a father figure, and is referred to as Father Time; while Capricorn, the stable earth sign, loves practicality. Here we are looking at our time, what are we spending our time one? Is it productive? Is it beneficial..practical? We are being called to the stage to explain our use of our energy. There are many of us doing things and hanging with folks that drain us, why? Let’s talk about Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld. Pluto has been Rx in Capricorn for a bit and has been really doing his job. This Lord of the Underworld has been taking this horned Lady through this shadow realm, where she has been working on her inner, self inventory and will only allow her back up when he is fully healed, and grounded. And with it being in the 1st house, this is inner workings at its best. Now Vesta is Rx as well, and is now in Sagittarius. Vesta is our Mother and in a freedom loving sign retrograde, she will be expressing her wild woman side in non conventional ways. She is accepting her responsibility, but is learning how to keep that fiery adventurous side alive….not losing herself to the world. Lilith is also in Capricorn, so the need to stand your ground will be prominent. Remember Lilith is the wound feminine, and in Capricorn it can bring out some crudeness, so picking your battles is very much recommended right now.

Jupiter is still Rx in Scorpio, and now that Mars is Rx in Aquarius and Saturn’s Rx motion, expect to have some setbacks, limitations, feelings of fear and even anxiety. Many of you may feel like your life is a bit out of control, and you’re just really not sure of you footing. Luckily Uranus is harmonizing with the moon, so if you focus here (following Saturn’s advice), maneuver through this bit of chaos. Uranus also reminds us to use our intuition here. Word of caution regarding relationships; you may begin a new relationship, or even relight the flame of an old one, these are normally karmic so be conscious. On a good note, if you’re in an unhealthy relationship (all kinds) this is a good time to break free. Venus is still in Leo, so there could be a lot of feel good energy around, but with Mars in Rx, it could create frustration.

The thing to remember now is that Rx is about RE; relaxing, re-evaluating, rejuvenating, taking things slowly, revisiting…reset, etc. This moon is really trying to show us something that will help us on our journey, something that we can physically use. These Rx can be very chaotic because they herald change, the cycle, karmic kind. When we go with the flow, try to take things in, and then respond, it does help us maneuver through the shaky ground. Yes, she is shaking, Momma Earth has been shaking physically as well. New grounds, new layouts, maybe even going so far as bringing a new environment. When you begin to feel fear or anxiety, go out and do some Earthing…walking around on the ground barefoot. Grass, sand, dirty, just go put your feet on Momma and release that energy into her. Dont overwork yourself, focus on long term. Remember we have several planets in Rx, relax and reset.

On with the reading…..

We start out with the PAGE of SWORDS, we are ready to strike and we are ready to fly. We’re in the height of our busy season, so energy is high right now. Mars is in Rx, so use caution and not to be so swift. We need to think things through first.

What is being revealed to us is the KNIGHT of WANDS. And in this card, if you’ll notice, on his right side is the Rising Sun and on his left side is the setting Sun. This KNIGHT brings us the energy of change. This could be change a relationship, a job, or even a new way of being, adventure awaits. This is also a travel card, so this message could be for many of you to get out and enjoy life. This night is wearing golden armor and he’s riding a white horse, with the symbol of the Lion. Here we’re going to uncover our strength, that we never knew we had, bringing about more self-confidence.

What we need to heal (2 cards), the first is the 7 of SWORDS. What we must leave behind, or release, this full moon is things that are no longer needed in our lives. In this card you will see that he has packed his bags with the swords that he needs, and he is moving on. This is a card of new innovation, moving on to bigger and better things. Now that card fell out of the deck so I included in this space but I also added another card, which is the 2 of PENTACLES. This card is all about balance, but it is the balance of the material and the spiritual worlds. It seems that we need to leave behind all of those things that keep us out of our balance… Out of our Center of being. Multitasking and having too much on our plates creates an imbalance in our lives. When this card is put with the 7 of SWORDS, it is saying, to me, that you need to revisit on what you’re investing and using your energy on. It seems in some area that you are in fact wasting your energy, and it is draining you, causing your life to be imbalanced. This is causing many blocks in your life, clogging the energy flow.

What our intuition trying to tell us is that we are not in fact listening to our intuition. The HIGH PRIEST, and the reverse position, is telling us that we are not listening to our intuition. We are relying on things outside of us, even other people’s advice, and making decisions for ourselves. This is not being true to yourself. We have to quiet our self enough, balance our lives, and truly listen to what our intuition is telling us. There are messages and signs that are being made for us, but we refuse to see them. This card also touches on the KNIGHT of WANDS on what this moon will uncover is our need of self-confidence. You, and only you, know what’s right for you and your life.

A message from the ancestors is the 2 of CUPS. This card is about a perfect, balanced union. This is when one person compliments another. So our ancestors are advising us into seeking those relationships (work, emotional, etc), that creates a true balance in our lives. One where you’re not working too much, or the other is not working too much; its a harmonious flow. Seek and allow connections that are complementary, freely give and freely take. Given the position of this card, and the other cards in this reading, many of you could be moving on to a new future. Whether it be work-related or romance related, or even moving to a new house, this advice is saying the key to happiness is finding that which harmonizes within you. You’re not going to be able to look for anyone else to make the decisions that only you can make.

The underlying energy of this reading is the KNIGHT of CUPS, this Knight always brings about healing and true love, emotional satisfaction. This energy tells me that what you’re ultimately seeking, what you want this full moon to reveal to you is how to have a loving, harmonious life, one where you truly know peace.

Hope you all have enjoyed the reading. Sure, some may not resonate with all of it, so just take what you need and grow/heal from there.

Full Moon Blessings to you ALL!

~ by SironaRose on June 28, 2018.

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