Litha, Summer Solstice Reading

Blessed Litha / Summer Solstice Starshines! The spread that I am using today was created by Jen Miller, the author of the Quill of the Goddess.

1) What has helped me grow stronger since the Winter Solstic? THE LOVERS… some of you may know that this card normally represents relationships, but this can also mean A relationship with the self. Balancing our masculine and feminine energy within ourselves, creates Harmony in all areas of our life. This harmonic balancing has allowed us the enlightenment that the healing energy of love provides. This card represents a deeper connection to our soul, helping us become grounded and , allowing us to open up to our true authenticity.

2) What is my strongest attribute now? The KNIGHT OF CUPS, being able to flow with the energy (water) that is presented to us. Here, we are receiving the message of water to be faithful to our true feelings, being able to listen to our intuition, and to commit to the self. Only allowing ourself to be present in relationships that honor our Soul. This card is all about emotional Love, and is a messenger card. He gives us the message to control our emotions, instead of letting our emotions control us. The underlying message of this card is “the gift of love is the most prized treasure”.

3) What area of my life need support for the remaining half of the year? 6 OF SWORDS; We need to leave behind That which causes us strife. We cannot grow when we allow negative energy to siphon off of us. In order to honor who we are, and to be committed to our soul, we have to leave behind all that holds us back… All the negative, energy sucking things. We have to be committed to that process in order for us to have That which we are wishing to manifest in our lives. And this means all areas In our life.

I hope you all have enjoyed this reading, I do know that some of you may not resonate with this and that is fine. We each have a certain message we need to hear.
But for those of you who do, I wish you many blessings and doing the final deed to successfully in this year… Cutting out all of the negative Energies holding you back.
I wish you all a blessed Litha!
Enchanted Blessings to you ALL!

SR 🌞

~ by SironaRose on June 21, 2018.

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