Gemini New Moon 6/13/2018


Warmest greetings and happy Gemini New Moon all you Celestial Beings!

This moon is going to be a rather bring new moon, as our other planet placements are polishing us up. And it will also be a Supermoon as well, so energy will be extra potent. Before I get into the New Moon, I want to talk about the other movements in our stars.

This energy is playing off of the Gemini Full Moon we had a the beginning of December 2017.

So here, we are coming full circle. This is a good time to look back at that time and to remember where you were, and what was going on.

To aid in this cyclic time, Pluto’s energy is making itself known as this great lord is meeting up with Lilith and Vesta (Rx) in Capricorn. Lilith is an asteroid that represents our wounded feminine energy; and Vesta, the second brightest asteroid, represents our nurturing, mother, the hearth energy. In retrograde (Rx), this brings our attention to that nurturing that is lacking in our lives. Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, is taking these two feminine energies through the Underworld. The thing about Pluto is when he takes you down into the Underworld, he doesnt let you come back up until you have finished with your inner work, and you are good and grounded.

To aid in this journey, Chiron (our wounded healer) is in Aries, so the healing energy is really going to be focused on the Self…who am I? If you do your work, this energy will allow you to be able to healthfully step onto your new journey with ease.

With this moon falling into Orions belt, will join with Gemini energy making our minds sharp, strength to do what we need to do, and aid us in properly communicating with others. Self confidence shines brightly nere. We have a great love of information at this time, and with all this fast moving energy, we can seem to be a bit brash.

Now Gemini is our twins, and represents duality, as well as adaptability. One twin represents the conscious, while the other represents the subconscious mind. This is setting us up for a new eclipse season to begin, as we are pulling together major themes in our lives. This new cycle, we are taking conscious effort to shift your energy in the direction that is most valuable to us. The Sun and moon’s energy is giving us that umpt that we need to get moving. We are realizing that we do have the power to change our direction, we just have to change our perspective as to where, what, who, and when we focus our time and energy.  This is a wonderful time to start anew, begin a new project, or just wanting to turn a new leaf. This moon’s energy will last until the solar eclipse on July 12th.

I feel this is a burning away, a disintegration of the past, the old; as we give way to a transformational new birth. Also, if you’ve been having a rough start to 2018, this energy offers us a turn. The energy here is considered “Lucky”.  The Moon is offering us a new chapter for us…are you going to step up? There is a door that is open for you, will you step through it? Are you going to be present in your life? The Summer Solstice is right around the corner, so energy if vamping up!

On to the reading…..



We start out with the 6 of PENTACLES, and this card is about give and take. As you can see the man is generously giving (coins falling from his hand), giving help where needed. Here, we have to ask ourselves, have we been giving too much? Are you giving to the point of exhaustion, and  not being able to get any of that energy reciprocated? My feeling with this card is that you have, giving a lot more than you are getting in return. Either it is to a person, job, or anything that you are tied to at the present time. Giving is great, when we have it to give. But giving and giving with no reciprocation is fruitless. The thing we must remember about charity, is that it begins at home.  

We move on to the 10 of WANDS, and just as I was saying above about giving too much, here we have a heavy load on our shoulders to carry…can be overwhelming. Here you have simply over-committed or extended yourself. It is time for you to sit down and decide what it is you want to keep, what it is you want to do and be more focused upon it. When we have too many irons in the fire, we arent as focused as we should be so many things slip past us. Here, we are advise to pick what we want, what is more in line with our journey and what we want, and leave the rest behind.

Just as we are beginning this process of elimination the PAGE OF SWORDS comes to visit with us. Pages represent young energy, and even though this is swords and it represents air, all Pages have the underlying earth energy bringing a practical energy with them. While cutting out some of the commitments in your life, you may be met with resistance from others. Try not to act impulsive here, as you may be required to think quick on your feet. It is very important to really think things through, leave pettiness behind, and use tact. The bird (which is a hawk) represents messages coming to you so be very conscious about what is going on around you….pay close attention to actions, words, energy, etc. The ancestors are sending you a message, be conscious, attentive, and listen.

The underlying energy of this moon is the HIGH PRIEST. What a powerful energy flow for our foundation. Whenever I see this card, the words that come to my mind is “As above, so below”. This is a balance of the Spiritual and the physical worlds. The keys in front represent the masculine and feminine energies. These keys are offered to you to unlock the door to the great mysteries, as this is a card for gaining knowledge. This card is usually an elder, or wise counsel, the sage. What I feel here is about listening to that gut feeling, intuition. You have to what you know, your knowledge, your inner wisdom. Remember who you are, and what you have accomplished in your life. These lessons, or knowledge that you have can be a great foundation for the journey you have before you….use what you know.


For this moon, I would say take a moment and do a mediation. If you’re close to a beach, go there and let the wind blow right through you, cleansing you. Take a deep breath, and feel yourself deeply rooted into Mother Earth…..know who you are…feel who you are. This moon is a supermoon, so energy will be more intense. Do not over burden yourself, it is okay to say No! Focus on where you are going…You got this!


New Moon Blessings….

~ by TerraRubrae on June 11, 2018.

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