Peace-Sign, the True Meaning

The Peace-Sign has been used since the 60s for peace, love and happiness…but what exactly does the symbol mean.
Symbols are used for a great many things in our world. People even have symbols tattooed upon the bodied, many do not even know the meanings. Many use symbols, in everyday ways and they really do not have a clue as to the true history….or I should say the true meaning of the symbol. Back In the 60s, the Hippie Movement use one certain symbol, that it seems just like many things during that time, they seemed to have put their own meaning or made into what they wanted. This is a careless action, one that is very common for people who “do what feels right” and has no educational knowledge of the symbols meaning. One such symbol is the ‘Peace’ symbol. Now a days, when people see this symbol, they think peace, love, and harmony…but that’s not the correct meaning of this word.

Back In the 1958, this symbol began making itself known (again) by Gerald Holtom who was a professional artist and activist, who was helping lead the Campaigning for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). His thinking was he wanted the N and D into his logo, as the N stood for “nuclear” and the D for “disarmament.” In semaphore, the letter N is formed by a person holding two flags in an upside-down V, and the letter D is formed by holding one flag pointed straight up and the other pointed straight down. By superimposing the flag orientation of these two letters, the bars of the peace sign were derived. He presented his design to the officials at Peace News, in which the committee accepted. At this time the Direct Action Committee was already planning their first major anti-nuclear march from London to Aldermaston. At that time the British were manufacturing nuclear weapons in Aldermaston. Reportedly he later regretted his choice of the symbol and wanted it changed to the upward V. Holtom felt that the V would represent the feeling of joy and peace better. He found out that the downward V was linked to the Hindu mystical character “AUM” as it is a sacred word repeated over and over to awaken the Braham at the base of the spine.

The “peace” symbol was also used by the Nazis. Hitler, and his Third Reich, were steeped in the occult. From 1941 to 1945 Hitler’s 3rd Panzer Division used this same symbol, but in Germany it was known as the ‘death rune’, as it often appeared on death notices. And there’s a reason for that, but we’ll get to that later on. Bertrand Russell, who was a supporter of communism. Russell claimed the symbol meant not only communism but also peace without God.

Even before that, in 711 A.D. the Saracens used it represent a broken cross, ravens claw, as well as a Witch’s foot. Going back a little further, let us not forget the Roman Emperor Nero as he used the peace symbol as a broken cross representing him being against Christians and Jews. Nero believed that without the Christians, there would be peace. Remember, during that time Christianity was trying to convert everyone (Pagans) to their religion, burning buildings/libraries and temples dedicated to Pagan

God/desses as well as killing Pagans that would not convert or were teaching the mysteries schools. One of those such teachers murdered was a woman, Hypatia who was a mathematician and astrologer. Showing His distaste, Nero crucified the Apostle Peter upside down, resembling the downward-pointing fork that was thereafter called the Neronic cross.

What many fail to know, is that the ‘peace’ sign was used in ancient Germanic Runes. Germanic tribes saw this symbol as one having mystical properties used in incantations, mostly dark magic. It is the Rune Algiz ( or Elhaz)

Uses of it in time…

The Elder Futhark Rune Algiz was understood in Germanic Mysticism meaning life….the “Life Rune”. It represents the upper branches of Yggdrasil, the antlers of the elk, the Valkyrie and her wings, or the invoker stance, higher spiritual awareness, the Divine Spark of the Universe. It us man’s arms reaching toward the heavens and communicating with the gods and other entities and other worlds. Just like the Rune Dagaz, it can be seen as the continual unfoldment of universal intelligence, its consciousness, in all its forms. More meanings of this Rune is Protection. As we align with the divine, it makes a person sacred, blessed by divine protection — set apart from the mundane. It represents the ability to communicate with gods and entities of the Higher Realms, it is the channel for the protective teaching force, that power which great teachers transfer to seekers. Teachers come in many forms. It is often to test our humility and readiness, alerting us as to what requires our attention, service and our unique ability to think for ourselves. It helps us to integrate knowledge into our own relationships and life experiences. It pushes us toward our fears and encourages us conquer them, rather than be ruled by them. To grow and learn from this experience…. to live fully and freely. This is energy can be intoxicating, and for the untrained very dangerous. Communicating with that Divine Energy, is quite an intense experience, for those not prepared can be detrimental.

Turned upside-down, it is the opposite of all listed above, and can be used to access the realm of the dead, giants, and the unconscious. It cuts off communion to the Divine, the Gods, and our access to higher realms and knowledge.

Symbols and signs are everywhere in our daily lives, meaning different things. And many of these signs and symbols are used in ways that are opposite of what they stand for. It is very important that you always do your research before you wear a symbol. No matter what you think that symbol means, that symbol our son, carries with it a certain vibration from the beginning of its making. This is ancient energy, not something you can readily discard. So be cautious with what you wear and what you place upon your body. You could be gifting yourself, or you could be condemning yourself. If you don’t know where to start, seek out others that are seasoned and experienced in what you wish to learn.

Many Blessings,


~ by TerraRubrae on May 18, 2018.

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