Healing On the Mountain

When you have been initiated into the craft, there comes a many changes, Transformations, and transmutations. It is so good when you have a high priestess to go to when you’re going through these changes. These changes can make you feel like you’re completely alone and drowning in a pool of your own emotional baggage. This excerpt is hitting home with me now and I wanted to share it with you all. Because I know many people are going through their own types of struggles and challenges at this time, so maybe this will help.
” While the woman was on the mountain, learning, everything was magic. Now that she is off the mountain, the so-called magical hair has been burned and the fire that destroys illusion, and now it is time for “Afters Zen”. Life is supposed to become mundane again. Yet she has the Bounty of her experience on the mountain. She has knowing. The energy that was bound up and rage can be used for the other things. Now a woman who has come to terms with rage returns to Monday life with new knowing, a new sense that she can more artfully live her life. Yet one day in the future, a something — a look, a word, a tone of voice, a feeling of being patronized, unappreciated, or manipulated against one’s will, (one of these) Will crop up again. Then her residue of pain will catch fire. Rage left over from old injuries can be compared to the trauma of a shrapnel wound. One can pick out almost all the pieces of shattered metal from the missile, but the tiniest shards remain. One would think that if most are out, that would be that. Not so. On some occasions, those tiniest shards Twist and Turn within and cause an ache that feels like the original wounding (rage rising up) all over again.
None of us can entirely Escape our history. We can certainly put it in the background, but it is their nevertheless. However if you will do things for yourself, you will Bridge the rage and eventually everything will come down and be fine. Not perfect but fine. You’ll be able to move ahead. The time of the shrapnel rage will be over.
A woman remembers that she can be both Fierce and generous at the same time. Rage is not like a kidney stone—If you wait long enough, it will pass. No, no. You must take right action. Then it will pass, and more creation will come into your life.”
Excerpt from Women Who Run With Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola

~ by SironaRose on April 20, 2018.

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