Daily Goddess Message

Daily Goddess Message

6 of EARTH

This card is all about generosity. It also reminds us of the Hermetic law of cause and effect. That which we send out will come back to us. With this card, we are reminded that what we give out will come back to us. Many times this can be unexpected resources, or a happy surprise.

In numerology, the number six is about unconditional love. It is the home, the Hearth, nurturing relationships, deep compassion and empathy. The number 6 is about giving without expecting anything back. But the problem with this, is that many times the deeply, compassionate nurturer usually doesn’t get anything back, they’re too concerned in giving to others.

This card reminds us that as we give we should also learn to receive. So, remember reciprocation, remember what you give out comes back to you. If you give out, be open to receive goodness as well. Do not block when people are trying to give to you, help you, be that nurturer that you are to others. It is also a good reminder to not keep giving as you do not receive anything back. If we give and give without nurturing our own selves we deplete our energy and we deplete our health, thus putting our bodies in dis-eased states and stressed out.

Remember, giving and nurturing is okay, but remember to be open to receive.

Enchanted Blessings,

SR 🌙⚘🐝

~ by SironaRose on March 25, 2018.

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