Daily Goddess Message

Daily Goddess Message
This is one of the cards I love. He is young (full of possibilities), he has a sceptre and wand and a distinguished looked upon his face….he knows where he is going. He knows what he wants and he knows of is tasks of getting there. He has committed to his path, and is centered and grounded.
Even though Mercury is in retrograde, this is a good omen for your new tasks that you have began. If you notice how his feet almost disappear in the Earth, that reminds us to stay grounded especially with your desires. We have to have some type of plan, and that needs to be realistic, grounded in reality and with my hard work and perseverance things will begin to work out. Prosperity is on the horizon, stay committed to you.
Good stones to use during this time is Malachite (as,well as ask through Mercury retrograde) helps keep you centered. Amazonite will help you to communicate authentically, and Clear Quartz will aid in focus and will also amplify the energy of the other stones. If anxiety is creeping up on you, adding Amethyst will help.
Have a great day!
Enchanted Blessings,
SR 🌙⚘🐝

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~ by TerraRubrae on March 24, 2018.

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