Daily Goddess Message

Daily Goddess Message
The Moon reminds us of illusions. When its full we often remark “Look how bright the Moon is”. But you see, the Moon is just reflecting the Sun. It is a good reminder that just because we can’t see what is going on doesn’t mean there isn’t anything going on. Many times there are things happening behind the scenes that we have no idea of. When we are going through something that we consider bad, it could in fact lead us to something of greatness. Many times there are wonderful opportunities that are presented to us that hide in the shadows that only come about as we allow things to bloom and to grow.
The number 18 is on this card, and when we break it down and numerology it is the number 9. The number 9 is what we see as the wise old man, it is about compassion, kindness, patience, and intuitive knowing. This energy is the energy of one who listens to the divine and then walks that Journey that is given to them from their intuition, the divine. The moon card holds the greater Mysteries, it tells us to follow our intuition and to listen to Divine messages, and to be self-aware.
just because things may seem hard now, maybe we don’t understand them or we feel lost. Know we haven’t tracked the finish line yet, don’t give up keep walking your journey….your greatest mystery is just around the corner.
Moonstone is good to carry/wear now.

Enchanted Blessings,
Sirona Rose šŸŒ™āš˜šŸ

~ by SironaRose on March 22, 2018.

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