Daily Goddess Message

Daily Goddess Message
Two cards came out together, and what great cards for this beautiful Ostara day,
First card is FORTUNE’S WHEEL ~ Destiny Meet Synchronicity and it has the umber 10 on it, which equals 1. The number 1 is obviously the beginning, but is also initiating force. This is about getting the ball rolling, it is about taking control and shining brightly. Mixed with the card, which is ironically pulled on the day when the Wheel is turning, means that things will begin to add up. You will get signs, meet certain people, or things will just seem “consequential”. You will begin getting the messages you need in order to help you go to the next step.
3 of FIRE is about expansion and opportunities. The number 3 is a highly creative sign, and holds the energy of the “Bringer of Change” , Alchemy. The 3 human components are word, thought and deed…..these are the keys of manifestation. And of course we’ve all heard ” 3rd time is the charm”, well 3 is about a completion of a cycle as well. Perfect for today again! So here this is saying that you are turning toward the right path for your success. You are aligning your mind, body, and spirit to be one together and listening to their advice, your intuition.
The winds have changed, and are leading you to new abundant shores….listen to your intuition!
Many Blessings,
SR πŸŒ™βš˜πŸ

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~ by SironaRose on March 21, 2018.

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