AstroTarot~Pisces New Moon Reading

March 17th, which happens to be St Patrick’s day, will be our New Moon in the emotional waters of Pisces. This can be a very intuitive time, as week as meaningful, lucid dreams, but it can also be very healing. This healing new moon comes at an auspicious time, just a few days before Ostara, or commonly called the Spring Equinox. One thing we must remember here is that this is when the Goddess and God are equal, day and night are equal. The only other time this happens is the Autumn Equinox, or correct name Mabon. It is important for us to remember the correct names for these dates. Pisces is an ending, as well as a new moon means the end of one cycle and a beginning of a new cycle… similar to Ostara. We can sit now and really take an overview of our life. Setting some things to rest and finding peace, letting go, and moving on. This is an excellent time for starting over. Best timing is the waxing phase of the Moon that lasts from March 17 to our blue full moon on March 31st. With this Ostara energy, this can be very healing for relationships, especially sexual relationships. Harmony is the energy current here, with solving problems in different ways. There may be challenges that will really put you to the test, ego will want to rule, but Pisces tells us to seek answers from the Spiritual, as the same ole same ole will keep you at step one. With Chiron (wounded healer, deep emotional wounds) being in Pisces as well, some old wounds may appear….Remember different perspectives will help you flow with this energy. This can be very healing and harmonizing with our inner masculine and feminine energies. For some you may feel like a new person emerging, or knowing yourself better. Please remember that healing can get you pretty emotional, take your time, be gentle with yourself, but let go and move on. This healing could go pretty deep, so you’ll want to focus on moving through it. Watch out for this when dealing with others as well. Stay grounded and breathe.

This moon is excellent for sending out your dreams and desires. Really set with what you want to manifest, be specific as well…..make sure you know correct meaning behind words, signs, sigils, etc.

I am really feeling this energy, especially with ask that I am going through. Pisces energy can be soothing, loving, and just down right perfect….like being in Mother’s womb. But we can’t stay there forever, the growth cycle is upon us and we have our work cut out for us!

On to the reading….

For the Pisces New Moon reading I am using the Quest Tarot deck by Joseph Ernest Martin. This deck combines many aspects such as astrology, the rooms, watching, Hebrew letters, as well as gemstones. So this deck is quite comprehensive, so I would not suggest this to the novice tarot reader, but hwy everyone is different and it just might take you by the hand.

Where are we right now?

2 of CUPS; This card is all about perfect unions. Partnerships that bring new ideas. There is a Pearl, meaning innocence; Ruby os the stone of nobility and stimulates the heart chakra; Amber can transmute negative energy into positive energy and helps one assure their promises. This card is associated with Cancer. This would be considered by many as the Soul Mate card. We’re wanting these partnerships in our lives. In many things we want to manifest, it normally requires a bit of networking and maybe a partner to help. If you have that someone, now is the time to commit. This could also be about you, as I mentioned above about our inner self….maybe you should commit to YOU!

What Is blocking me from growing and what do I need to leave behind?

3 of CUPS; We’re giving out too much too soon. We get excited and full of compassion,we begin to give and give. We have to learn to focus on what or where we are going. We can not keep having our energy scattered in too many different directions. The surreptitious thing about manifestation is passionate focus. So if its not supporting your goals, drop it!

What intention should I set i order to grow?

The DEVIL; Turquoise is the dominant stone on this card, and its excellent for spiritual attunement and cleansing the energetic and physical body. It is time to cleanse yourself from the chains that drain you, costing too heavy of a price. False relationships, illusions, promises that were made but no where near fruition. Only you can cu these chains, this is the only way you week grow.

What knowledge do I need to gain to aid in the cultivation of my intention?

The HIEROPHANT; This is the card of infinite knowledge. The Rune Raidho is on the card, and this is about movement but more of a cycle, an initiation type movement. Tradition is also on this card, we have traditions, or rituals, we do to accomplish certain tasks. The 3 rings represents unity of mind, body, and spirit. To manifest your goals, you must focus your intention to it, like a ritual, everyday. Mind, body, and spirit must be aligned. Go with the flow, but keep your eyes on the prize. If you want better, you must do better.

What positive energy will emerge during this phase?

The SUN; The Rune Gebo is on the card, which is the gift of the Gods, and is the most positive of the Runes. Success week shine from you. Rebirth is here, harmony abounds us. Rewards are coming your way. Relax, rejoice, and receive (be open).

Following the counseling of this spread, you

will meet your goals, but don’t forget the prize at the end is wonderful but it’s the journey that makes it remarkable!

Many Blessings,

SR 🌙⚘🔮🐝

~ by SironaRose on March 17, 2018.

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