March Virgo Full Moon Reading

Where we are now for this full moon: We start out with the ACE of CUPS. Aces are the most potent card of the suits. Aa the water is pouring out in falls, it represents opportunities that seem to just “fall out of the sky” that can lead us to emotional growth. As the cup represents the womb, birth. This is a time of new beginnings on areas that bring emotional fulfillment, and deep emotional healing. IN this card, I feel that (as the water flows out of the cup) there has been a releasing, a releasing of old emotional attachments that were draining your soul instead of feeding it. The pink and green also represent healing of old wounds, or emotional baggage, as pink represents the high heart chakra (where we keep our deep emotional wounds). Releasing these attachments or old wounds into the healing waters, can lighten our Souls allowing us new birth…or new opportunities for emotional fulfillment. The only way we can be open to new is by releasing and clearing the old, as the old keeps us in stagnant waters.

Where we are going is THE HERMIT. In the card you can see the wise old man holding his own light to guide his way through the dark, cold land. He reminds us that only within us, can we find what we are looking for. Many of us look to things outside of our self to make us happy. Using money, people, and other things to do so. The Hermit reminds us to look within, listen to your own intuition and allow it to shine the light for you on your journey. When we release and heal, sometimes it can leave us in a place of uncertainty. Here, we discover who we are deep down, the trick is allowing that light to shine brightly. Taking this step will ultimately lead you to to happiness.

Our challenge is THE LOVERS. The Lovers card is about harmonious relationships and partnerships, normally romantic but it can mean ALL partnerships. The challenge is to make the choice to have these types of relationships in our life, instead of settling like you have probably done before. IN order for us to move beyond where we were, we have to make the hard choices and only allow in those that are harmoniously, emotionally fulfilling in your life. This can, at times, be hard, but it will be well worth it in the end…for our stanity and our Soul.

Our advice is CHARIOT. Here we are advised to keep our eye on the prize. We are working hard at creating our future. The journey may be hard at some times, it will require you to really tap into your personal power. Combine all of your gifts in order to make things happen for yourself. Keep on keeping on! You may feel like giving up, but do not, as your goals are manifesting just around the corner. This card symbolizes that victories are hard won and to not give up! You can do this, don’t give up!

Outcome is STRENGTH. Through this process, we are becoming more stronger, and more confident within our Self. Here we are reminded that strength doesn’t always have to be aggressive, it can be gentle and kind as well. The mountains are behind us and we are dressed in integrity. We’ve come to a calmer, stronger awakening to our Self.

The underlying energy is ACE of WANDS. This is saying that the grounds are very fertile, remember that ACE cards represent raw, potent energy. The sun is rising, and the butterfly represents transition..morphing into one thing into another. If you want to growth, newness, then it’s up to you. The energy is ripe, you just need to focus in making it happen.

Many Blessings,

SR 🌙🌹

~ by TerraRubrae on March 3, 2018.

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