Burning Away the Past



Today our waning Moon travels from the transformational sign of Scorpio into the expansive sign of Sagittarius at 9:15am est. This is an excellent time to release and let go. This is one thing in particular I have been working on, and I will say I have been waiting on this moon. For many I have been speaking with, it seems that we are coming to an end of a cycle. With Imbolc behind us, and the Spring Equinox approaching, I will say the energy is right for it.

All the beginning of this year I have really been looking at my life and where I am going, where’s my energy going, where is this path leading, and who is in my life. The past year my writing has pretty much cease to exist, and that isnt good for me. It feels like those thing that i love to do, i do not have the time to do. Or I am so worn out I do not have the energy to do them. Writing is like my second nature, so I am really puzzled as to why i am here at this place. Since the injury I received from the wreck in August, it has really put me in a different place of thinking. That accident wasn’t my fault, as I was sitting there still and was rear-ended. My intuition told me not to go that way, so I didnt listen. Our soul tries to guide us in the ways that will best benefit us, but we have to listen to that. In this placement, it really calls us to search for the ultimate true within. To learn and grow, finding my own truth and sharing that with others. This energy urges us to rise to the challenge of any situation. This placement is being seen as do it NOW! It is time to go big. Sagittarius wants us to keep expanding and growing, and that can only happen when we release the past, that which doesnt serve you any more. In our winter months we do go inward and do the inner work that may not be visible to the outside world at that time. I am learning the great significance in actually letting go. Hanging on to the old keeps us there. There is a time to let go and pass it on. Things that I thought I had to have, are only an option now or not needed. That hanging on keeps us limited, puts walls around us. It’s time to let Sagittarius’ fire burn those limits away now.

Being down, it makes you look at all areas of your life with different perspective. I have taken this time to peer into the reflective waters of Scorpio and allow it to show me those things that I couldn’t see while I was in the middle of the action. I have achieved much of what I wanted to achieve, and now it is time for me to go to my next step. It is time to start my new chapter and go to the next phase of my life. As they say “go big or go home!”

Tonight, take a moment to think about what you need to release, what you need to let go of and decide where you want to go; physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, etc. This energy is a grounded type of energy, one that really allows you to see the bigger picture. Change is in the air. Embrace your past, as it put you here where you are, but release it. The waiting is over, it is time for you to take the reigns. This is optimistic, creative, inspiring, and ready to face the challenge kind of energy….dont miss out on it!



~ by SironaRose on February 8, 2018.

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