Super Leo Blue-Blood Full Moon


If your missed my radio broadcast on, this is the reading for this full moon.

Energetically, this will be an opening, a doorway to your life path. With the sun and venus in Aquarius, this will give us plenty of opportunity to connect with like minded people, as you will want to connect with those you resonate with. Mercury also enters Aquarius, which helps us gain more clarity with envisioning the life we want. You see full moons shine light on those things that were hidden in the shadows. And this Super blue full moon eclipse this energy will be the energy of 3 full moons together. Eclipses are when sudden changes happen, and with the moon being in the prideful side of leo…we are facing different sides of our Self, and this could go either way. Eclipses pull on our consciousness, and with it being opposite our sun in Aquarius is really highlighting things about our self that has been hidden. In many times, this can be things that we may not even know about yourself. Remember, eclipses bring radical changes, so this can mean drastic changes in your life. This can be really good, especially when you are unhappy with your current situation. The Moon’s node and the moon are both in Leo, opposite Venus in Aquarius, our relationships, especially love relationships, will be giving us a new perspective on who we want to be in relationship with. With love, the conventional ways will go out of the window, as the eclipse brings errotic, not the norm type of energy. You may find yourself being attracted to others that you wouldn’t normally be attracted to. To me this eclipse is like Cerridwen’s Cauldron, its filled with many different possibilities. Mars is in Sagittarius gives us a boost of adventurous playful energy and inspiration. These great energy burst will be great, but it can lead to over extending yourself which can trigger our tempers, so watch out for anger and be patient now..with yourself and others. Allow things to unfold. From changing jobs, to starting your own business, to marriage, to divorce, to moving and having children, This moons offers a variety of different changes in our lives. If you are going to be working with the energy of this moon, be very specific about what you want and where you want to go. Many will say that the energy is uncertain at this time, so focus will be key. You will want to make sure that your mind, heart and soul are in alignment and be prepared to take the road that is less traveled.

On to the reading:
The lynx has taught us that being grounded is key. Our visions are great and needed, but pulling them down to earth so we can bring them into our physical world is the way to get them to grow. We have to have our strong foundation to build what we want on stable ground. His lesson is to take one step at a time, using common sense, study and research, focused and committed. This is the way to proceed in manifesting what we want into the physical.

We are going to the 2 of vessels which is attraction. Through the Lynx wise counsel, we are guided to relationships and partnerships that share our same vision. We are connecting with our tribes, so to speak. We are networking with those that can help us get where we need to be, those of the same understandings. This card is about forming our groups, our alliances so we can acheive that which we want to achieve.

Our challenge is the 9 of vessels which is about our generosity. Here make sure you are not giving more than you are getting. We can be so helpful so some, that we make them dependent upon us to give or do all for them. Wehave to remember that we have to give to ourself as well, such as rest, time off, time alone…we have rejuvenate as well. Dont give all of yourself to fruitless things, remember fairly give and fairly take.

Our advice is the page of vessels, the Otter. The symbolic meaning water deals with the divine feminine, which is a major life-giving energy. Here the Otter tells us that we must listen to our intuition, and to go with the flow. We can not continue to go wtih what is against what we feel. We have to be in alignment with our position in our lives. Also, its important to be ruled by our emotions, it always a good idea to step back and remember the lesson of the Lynx. Trust what your intuition is saying to you, trust in yourself.

Where we are going is the 9 of arrows and this is about dedication. Taking this path of the cards, we are going into a time of becoming dedicate to our life path. We are learning how to hone our skills, so we can focus on living a life that we wish to live. We are heeding the Soul’s calling, and focusing on our steps to get there. There will be, at times, hard work required of us and at times extreme self-discipline to achieve our goals. At times we will be going against the norm of society, or walking a path that others do not think of as important or what you should be doing…this will take devotion to ourself as well as self discipline to keep answering the call of our soul. If you truly want to manifest your goals, if you truly want to walk the path of your soul, you will do what you need to do.

The overall energy of the reading The Pole Star…..This card shows a person walking a path toward a big bright star. This card is placed at Imbolc, which is coming up soon. This card can be seen a new beginning, a new cycle. This card reminds us that there are greater things beyond us. This is a card of prophetic guidance that can bring you a new perspective to bring about the changes in your life that need to take place. This is Steller conscious, as above so below. The Pole Star was a constant navigation aid for our ancient ancestors as the other stars danced around its fixed positions. This card reminds us of our connectedness to our world, even with our stellar bodies. For us, what is our Polar Star? It is our Soul. Our Soul is trying to light our path by giving us signs, intuitive messages, and feeling certain ways. Its time to is time to start living a consciously minded life…walking your true authentic path.

Hope you all use this reading to your greateat benefit. Yes, this does require conscious thinking. This is exactly what we need to
be doing. We need to be deliberate in our manifesting and live our lives to the freateat potential….it is ultimately in your hands.

As Above, So below,
Many blessings,


~ by TerraRubrae on January 31, 2018.

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