Capricorn New Moon Reading


Happy New Moon! The New Moon will be at 9:17pm EST in the sign of Capricorn, and this is one powerful new moon. One thing I want to point out is that Capricorn is the Hermit card in the tarot. Hermit card is about going inwards (alone), it’s a time to seek solitude. The Hermit tells us that is it time to become a true Spiritual Self Master, and the only way to get there is going inward and doing some deep introspection (self inventory) and walking our path with our mind, heart, and soul aligned. With that being said, Capricorn’s opposite is Cancer…and Capricorn without Cancer is very cold. Cancer adds warmth, and compassion; it is our emotional, intuitive self. Capricorn tells us to keep climbing that mountain to achieve this alignment. This is a great energy to begin new things; relationships, jobs, starting your own business, etc. Capricorn tells us to take responsibility of our Self and to claim who we are. With change may come fear, as you may feel like you are losing control..control is an illusion. The Ego can take us into some very fearful places, do not see things changes as bad changes can be growth. You can not control things outside of you, but you can control YOU..your response to the changes. We need to focus on responding, instead of reacting. These changes/challenges can trigger some past traumas, these are ones you havent fully worked through. This could’ve been the time when you felt out of control and lost your footing. Be patient with yourself. In order to move past this challenge, you must first move through it. This is definitely the time to be flexible and truly listen to your inner voice (intuition). This Capricorn New Moon tells us it is a time to make a commitment to our Self. You are the creator of your life, now manifest. Maybe you’re not sure what you want, then take some time to be still. Think about where you want to be, who you want to be there with you, what is your vision for yourself? It is time to make those goals, be practical here, and go step by step in achieving them. Sure there may be curve balls thrown at you, but Capricorn takes this as an awesome challenge to see just how creative they can be and still climb up to the top of that mountain. This may mean setting healthy boundaries in relationships, and allowing those things that are not serving our vision to fall away. Are you afraid to set boundaries, and if so why? Our planetary alignments are compelling us to take definite action in our life; make the hard choices that need to be make and do what is necessary for you to go forward. New Moons are when we plant seeds to that which we want to accomplish with the next moon cycle, and even in our long term goals. Look at where you are, are you happy? Take this wonderful opportunity to manifest your goals. Capricorn is realistic, so be grounded in your visions. While in the Moon is dark, it is in the womb so this is a very fertile time. Set your intentions, be patient, and step by step allow (flexibility) to unfold. Remember, Capricorn’s highest vibration is Divine Energy.

I want to mention, along with the New Moon being in Capricorn, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto are in this sign as well creating the Stellium Alignment. This is when three (or four or more, when the sun and moon is involved as it is now) planets are in the same sign or house placement…which translates to, this is a very powerful, fertile time, take advantage of this energy! If you would like to hear more about this, tune into Thursday at 9pm est.


Our Reading:


Where we are leaving is the 5 of ARROWS/FRUSTRATION. Here we’re frustrated indeed. This card is saying that we need to focus on what really supports us. Get a clear vision of where you want to go, focus on it, and go. Frustration is the feeling we get when we are going nowhere, stop spinning your wheels. In the card you see his mark is right in front of him, and he’s just firing aimlessly. The word sin is an archer word, simply meaning missing your mark. So, here you are missing what is truly important. Step back, regroup, what is it you want to accomplish, commit to it, and GO!


We are entering the energy of the KNIGHT of ARROWS/HAWK. Hawks are truly the masters of air. They are known to be symbolic of vision and power. They have the ability to fly at high attitudes, and nest there, and see prey from those very great heights. They are such majestic birds and as fearless as they come. This is a focused energy, as they see their prey, and strike with direct intention. This energy tells us to keep our eye on where we are going, seeing all advantages and disadvantages, as the Hawk sees through all layers. Release anything that will weigh you down. Stand strong in your truth.


Our outcome is the KING of STONES/WOLF. The Wolf is a master hunter. Our ancient ancestors held much reverence for this being, which is completely warranted. Here we have the security of Self, being able to support yourself, walking your soul’s path confidently, manifesting our goals.


Our KEY words for this New Moon:  Time to take your life by the hand by the hand, take responsibility for your Self, decide where you are going, what is your Soul’s call, listen to your inner voice, be patient with yourself, be flexible, do what you need to do, have your mind, heart, and Soul alignment, commit to YOU! The best times to do your new moon intentions is when the new moon becomes exact and these times are…….9:17pm 1/17 through 1:30am 1/17/2018 and then again at 3:2am 1/17 through 9:17pm 1/18/2018 these are all Eastern Standard Times.


Many Blessings,


~ by TerraRubrae on January 15, 2018.

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