Black Squirrel Message

One thing I love about living out in the country is all the wildlife I come in contact with. Some animals are familiar to me, and others are just introducing themselves to me. I will be the first to admit that the past year has been a hectic one. Work took most of my time, leaving me very little time for my Spiritual work. Being on a Goddess path, this is not a good thing at all. She teaches us about the cycles of life, and those equal change which is not conducive for the mundane bump and grind. It is when we come to this point where we realize our morality. LIfe is very short, and we should work to live, instead of living to work. I used to look at those people with pity in my eyes, as I felt they were missing big chunks of awesome memories. Being “in” your work, you are unable to truly experience your life…and those in it. Thus keeping us from our humanism.

On one of my journey’s the other day, I came across an animal I had never seen or even heard of for that matter. I came face to face with the unique Black Squirrel. The Black Squirrel is found in the Midwestern states, Northeastern states, Canada, and Great Britain. This is a relatively a rare breed of squirrels as they are 1 in every 100,000 that are black. Not only did I see one Black Squirrel, I saw another one with a brown tail. I was in shock and honored all at the same time. I knew that this animal and I crossed paths for a reason, now it was up to me to learn the message that was being told to me.

Squirrels are very productive and prepared. They gather nuts all summer to prepare for the winter months, but these hard workers play as hard as they work. So here, I can hear the message of “play more”. For the past few months, year, I have been working hard on several things and my plate has been quite full. So I meditated on squirrel energy a bit longer, and i realized something I hadn’t noticed before. I knew that sometimes they bury nuts then forget where they buried them…hmmm They work so hard, then in their scurrying about forget where they put their nuts, scattered and wasted energy.

I can see this mirror in my life. I see how I have been scattering my energy and losing my focus. When we stretch ourselves out too thin, we lose our direction, which makes us lose out footing. You get lost in all the mumbo-jumbo. We stop hearing our intuition because of the murmuring of the noises around us.  

My message was to be productive and get done what I need to do, yes, don’t be all work and no play though, it makes for a stressful, boring life. Be mindful where you are spending your energy doing, don’t be to scattered as I week lose my focus. That’s the key word here, FOCUS. Don’t forget where I buried my nuts.

And the color black? Well, this is about grounding, helping us break the illusions of the mind. Here, these illusions and get us of path. In this energy realm you’re dealing with energies that deal with your spirit journey. This message is to grow my excess energy; to focus on those things that truly matter and focus my energy into grounding them..Making them a reality.  

I have been walking with the Black Squirrel energy for almost a week now and I’m really learning how to adorns my time wisely,and productively instead losing it on things that really do not serve me.  I still feel the energy around me, as we are still technically in the shadow.

Many Blessings,


~ by TerraRubrae on January 13, 2018.

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