Ancestor’s Message Full Moon/New Year 2018

As we are leaving 2017 and entering 2018, we are going deeper and deeper in the Age of Aquarius. Astrologically speaking, we are having a lot of happenings in our stars. During this change of Ages, things are shaky because we are learning how to find our footing again. The Age of Pisces was definitely one of control, especially through religious means, and seeing it all monothestically. The Age of Aquarius is giving us our wings, and teaching us that we can fly…and catch our self if need be. Today, ALL planets will be going direct so take advantage of this GO energy.


Energy we are leaving……King of Stones; the Wolf, loyal very traditional, depends heavily upon traditional life choices to bring pleasure and security, even if our heart, mind, and body doesn’t agree with it. The Ancient Picts saw the Wolf as the animal that would escort the dead to the other world. Here we are seeing an ending on what we once thought was dependable life choices (the illusion), moving on to something that is more tangible. We have to step beyond the teachings of what the Age of Pisces brought us, understanding the importance in the natural world…the way our ancestors saw the world. The dog eat dog world is coming to an end, as we give way to the ancient teachings of our one true security….Mother Earth.

Energy we are going in to;  The Shaman, teaches us to listen to our intuition, and learn from the natural world. By surrendering to our Self and truly listening to our Soul’s call, we can learn where our true place is in the world. He reminds us of our passions gives us the desire to start a new path in our life. Shamans are seen as someone working  mostly on our inner spiritualism, we are guided to bring this inner into our outer world. Here he advises us “as within, so with out”, to do things from our spirit and from our soul level. Working from our intuition finding out who we are on our soul levels. Living a life filled with true intent, instead of the everyday bump and grind. This is the energy that the Shaman is bringing in and it perfect with the Age of Aquarius. We are going into a new time of discovery of the self and our world, both inner and outer, and being conscious of what we want to produce. Our ancestors are showing us, we just have to allow them.  


Challenges; the Queen of Bows, the Hare can be very sympathetic and empathetic. As we may come across others that do not understand the path we are choosing, we have to stop the urge to be a people pleasers. Our loved ones can pull on our heart-strings, encouraging us to stay in the rut, not to rock the boat, to stay in the land of illusion and just go about your life. Being caught up in that illusion, we may miss important opportunities that could present themselves to us. We have to do what is right for us; mind, body, and soul have to be in alignment. One thing to remember is that the Hare also represents good luck in your endeavors, and can help you on your path to that which you desire.

Our advice is The Blasted Oak. Here we are reminded that in order to go forward in our present, we must first sacrifice the past, to release it. We must understand seasons and cycles and our lives are very important, our ancestors knew of this. They took time and celebrated the different cycles the Earth went through, as well as humanity. Things have become so dysfunctional It is shaking us to our Core, allowing the illusions to fall away, leaving us to see with clarity. It is time to rebuild on more secure land. It is not advisable to build your house on mud, building your house on rock is better. This goes into your life as well. We have to be well rooted in order to grow strong and last for while. Are you well rooted in yourself? In your beliefs?

Our outcome; Page of Bows, colored with the three sacred colors of our ancestors, red, black and white, the Stoat is a great hunter (intuition) and has the ability to live underground (see what is hidden). Listening to our intuition will allow us to see through things to the truth of what has been hidden from us. Pages can also mean a person or thing bringing us news, new ideas, or thought patterns. So this could also mean someone coming into our lives or an event that is to help us to move into a path that is more that is more in alignment of who we truly are. Remember here that energy is energy, so it’s not really good or is all in our perception of the said energy. So, be mindful and watch, do not judge too quickly here as you may mistake something good as something bad.

Happy New Year, Happy Cancer Full Moon and happy ALL planets direct day!!!



~ by SironaRose on January 2, 2018.

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