Cancer Full Moon January 1, 2018


When you discipline your mind

Releasing all the distractions;

tap into your creative energy,

seeing all that you wish to be manifest

You’ll realize your goals will be just around the corner.


The Full Moon is going to fall at an auspicious time, at the beginning of the new year. Lady Luna will become full at 9:24pm est on January 1, 2018 in the sign of Cancer. We are starting out in very intense energy. Here’s the lineup: In Capricorn we have Pluto, the Sun, Venus and Saturn; in Scorpio we have Mars and Jupiter; Neptune in Pisces; Uranus in Aries (Rx). This is one heck’va energetic line up going into this new year.

The first message I get when I look at the chart is: “Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to put on your BIG girl britches!” This past year of transformation was giving us plenty of energy to release and let go of the things that aren’t truly serving us, or things that we have just grown beyond. Now, we are being put in the light, as it’s time to walk the talk or sit down and be quiet. One of the major shifts that have happened is Saturn entering Capricorn. After spending some time in the freedom loving Sagittarius, the wise Saturn moved into the serious Capricorn which tells me that we are going to be having some serious reality checks going on. This energy is very sobering, but it offers us the focus energy that we need. Saturn is Capricorn’s home planet, so this energy is intensified, as well as being a high vibration energy. This energy is high divine energy. To add to this mix, we have Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio which is giving us energy to stand in our originality. Remember, Jupiter expands, so the scorpion energy of going deep to find our hidden parts is being mixed with Mar’s straight forward original self is going to be felt hard. This is definitely a time to be crystal clear in what you want, because we are not going to be happy doing something that we truly do not wish to do. There will be some harsh truths this month, so prepare for that. Here we are asked “Where are we going? Is it where we want to be?”  

The Moon in Cancer (emotions) will be opposite of Venus and the Sun in Capricorn (serious). This is not a good placement for Venus, as it denotes some uneasiness in our love relationships. On an everyday level, this is leading us to some serious choices/decisions that we need make that cautions us not to let our emotions get in our ways. Make sure you seeing the reality of things, instead of seeing your idea of them. Cancer is about nurturing; taking care of yourself, eating right foods, de-stressing, learning moderation, and making your life and environment harmonious. When she is opposite of Capricorn, we need to set goals that will be harmonious in our lives, making those choices that will bring us health, wealth, having harmonious abundance. This is coming down to alignment. Ask yourself “Is this the right path for me?” this is all areas of your life. Be present here, because we are entering a new energy. Full moons bring completion, so there will be a lot of letting go happening. With this water and earth energy, bring your creations into reality..not just for not but for our future as well. With all the planets in an Earth sign, we are also having several planets in water signs, allow us to empower ourselves, enables us to tap into and listen to our intuitions, and gets us to focus more on our spirituality. To me, this is a balancing energy that will really help us in manifesting harmony in our lives.

Another planet we need to look at that will have a big impact is Uranus. For all of 2018, Uranus and Saturn will be trine (favoring one another) giving us good positive energy for all of the year. Uranus is in Aries right now, and is retrograde (Rx), but on the 2nd of January it will become direct giving us an extra push. From the 2nd of january to March 8th, all the planets will be direct giving us the energy, the wind we need to help us manifest that which we truly want. Aries is our root chakra, this is our foundation. When we are building our lives, we must have a good solid foundation to begin on. Uranus in Aries gives us freedom of our authentic expression, and not all will understand this. This energy allows us to break free from the box that others, including our self, have put us in. This is some intense energy, as for some, these decisions can be life changing. This energy has us doing what we have to do to get where we want to be. When Uranus moves into Taurus, it will ground this energy helping it manifest physically.

Mercury is in Sagittarius asks us how do we want 2018 to look? Are we going to do what we desire, or are we going to stay where we are?

I want to talk about the Capricorn Cancer energy here. These two are about as opposite as they can be. Cancer is comfy, cozy and chilling out on the couch kinda energy; where Capricorn is serious, get it done now type of energy. At first this can seem confusing, but here we have an awesome opportunity to manifest from our heart. WE have that creative water energy that we need to create wealth for our self, and then we have that strong earth energy that will give us focus and determination to allow our goals to become a reality. It’s time to set up what we really want out lives to be in this next year. As Capricorn can be really helpful at helping us to be focused and determined, but be care not to go into ego.

This is definitely the time to put on your BIG boy/girl britches, step up to the plate, and make things happen. On the plus side, this is a very intuitive time and by listening to our needs, helping us have a harmoniously balanced life. This is definitely a time to Master Self.


Happy New Year and Full Moon!




~ by SironaRose on December 27, 2017.

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