Gemini Full Moon Reading 

The energy we are coming from is the 5 of ARROWS and this is FRUSTRATION. We are coming from a place of unfocused energy it’s almost like we’re being pulled in many ways not really sure where to go and what to do. Other people have influenced us, or other things that have caused us to get to this position, this energy can make us feel frustrated or angry as we are not on the path that we are supposed to be on. This can be a card of uncertainty, as you’re not really sure which way to go and it’s one of where you’re not focused and you’re wasting valuable energy. This energy can be liking to feeling as if you’re just spinning your wheels.

The energy we are going into is the KNIGHT of BOWS which is the FOX. Now we all know the fox is known for its cunning and stalking abilities, it’s great alertness and curiosity which make it a very excellent Night Hunter. But Fox can also be telling us if there are opportunities around us that we are not going after. The fox, quick and clever, tells us to leave our old ways behind, that it’s time to move forward allowing the opening to creating something new…something not of the norm. Travel is indicated here, and maybe you might be moving to a different area to begin a different life or a different job. Also this could indicate a time will you will completely change your perspective and go in a completely different direction, one that’s innovative.

We end in the 2 of VESSELS, ATTRACTION. This card is always the one of a perfect union. It is one of being with others that share our visions, thoughts, pur core beliefs. This card is known as love at first sight card, so it can mean that we will be developing relationships, all relationships, where we have shared goals, thoughts, perceptions, and it is all reciprocated.

This reading is basically saying that our frustration is showing us where we are wasting our energy, but we are in fact just sitting in spinning our Wheels going nowhere. We have to release our old ways of thinking, our old thought patterns in order to go forward. You have to leave the old and order to make room for the new. This could mean moving to a different location. In this process of Awakening to these new thoughts, opening our self up to creating something new and better, we begin to attract like minded people around us or those that are going in the same direction we are.

We have to be willing to sacrifice the things that we do not want in order to make room for the things that we do want. Move more i to creating the environment we want, moving into positions  where we are most productive and more on the path of our soul purpose.

This goes perfectly with the astrology energy reading I wrote yesterday!

Many blessings 

As above, so below,


~ by TerraRubrae on December 4, 2017.

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