New Moon in Scorpio Nov 2017

Scorpio energy is really prominent this time of year. The moon will join the sun that is still hanging out in this planet of transformation. If you will notice the new moon is going to be very close to the sun (within 3 degrees). The shedding of skin, that I discussed in my last writing, is still in place. This is transformation and rebirth energy to the max. This year has been quiet challenging in many way, so this will serve us as giving us a path to go deeper and unveil some hidden things. To be more specific, this re-birth energy was began at the Scorpio full moon in May 2017. It’s safe to say that we’ve been peeling our layers back since then, continuous transformation. For many of you, you may just turn and go a different way, one that is more satisfying for you. Jupiter is still in Scorpio as well, so this is like putting a magnifying glass on things. If we just allow the changes to occur this can lead us to possibilities that can give us rebirth, leading you to your best possible outcome.

This time we need to release that energy that is holding us back, and manifest the energy that will allow us to work in our fullest potential. I am really feeling the energy of holding on to something that is already dead, and in a type of mourning stage. We must understand, with death we have rebirth. If we can not let go of that old, unuseful stuff, then we can not allow the space for the new. This year there has been many deaths, with that comes rebirth energy and Scorpio is bringing on that high energy now. With the moon in Scorpio, energy is intense…as well as emotions. With Mercury retrograde coming up (in it’s shadow now), we really want to be conscious of our self as to not put our self in a situation that is not favorable. With these challenges, you will find yourself facing your fears.


This can be a very creative time as well. When we have rebirth, we have new possibilities. You are being put into an energy that will support you going places you’ve never been to, or even dared to go to. You may find ways to support yourself in unconventional ways as well.  This is great energy to remove the false masks that you wear, and allow your true Self to be revealed. This energy helps us to appreciate us in all of our different facets, no matter how weird or different they seem to be.

Scorpio is a water sign, go relax by a waterfall, ocean, or a body of water and let its energy heal you. If you can get to one, take a cleansing bath as this will be healing as well.

If you want to get through this time smoothly, well as smoothly as you can, you must surrender to change. You must understand that there are cycles/seasons, to have rebirth requires a death. Surrendering helps you release that false sense of control you think you have on everything. To find the hidden temple, you must let go.


Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose


~ by SironaRose on November 17, 2017.

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