The True Face of the Goddess Awakening


There was much talk about the Goddess/Divine Feminine awakening several years ago, even with myself. We are still at the beginning stages of the new age, the Age of Aquarius, and things are unraveling and reforming to take their new place. There is so much coming out in the news today over sexual abuse, child molestation, the lack of reverence for all life, and other types of boundaries that are and have been crossed. I was asking myself “why are people so sensitive nowadays?”. Well, simply put the lines have been blurred too long, so emotionally we are not mature as a society. We feel hurt, or disrespected in some way and we dont know exactly how to express it. Another question is “how can we correct it?”.

I will take you into a meditation I had with the Goddess. I was shown the history of the role of the feminine, the rise and fall. From being a cherished life bearer, to being nothing more than a sexual play thing. I do understand that some will find offense to reading this blog, but one thing you must understand is that the Great Goddess has many faces and not all are loving and kind…but brutally honest and straight forward. Working with the Goddess is definitely not for the weak, even I was called out for my past actions. So please know, I am not pointing finger, as I am guilty as well, but am trying to plant the seed to remedy a world lost in it’s own glamour. I am not speaking from a feminist point of view (nowadays feminist), but one of a respectful place. I have referred to myself a Pagan for many years, to those that inquired about my religion. Not wanting to scare them with the word Witch, I choose a gentler word that hasn’t been made into something “bad”. And as I look into the Pagan Community now, I see things that really baffle me and really shock me. Many years ago when I chose the Pagan Path, Pagans loved the Earth and called and treated it as Mother. Pagans showed great gratitude for Mother Earth for providing for us, and blessing us with such beauty. But mostly what I see now at “Pagan” gatherings is a big party and the men speaking of women, and women acting in ways that are very harmful to the soul. I see jokes and comments made by Pagan men that just disgust me, and makes me look at them in a totally different life. But you know, the men couldn’t act this way if the women didn’t let them. So what does that say of the women? We have been glamoured to a point where we really do not know what is up or down. When we are studying with the Goddess, she will begin to open our eyes to truth and truth isn’t always easy to accept. Just look at our world right now; we have football players being chastised for kneeling for the flag, but people ignore the fact that he beat a woman not even half his size, or he gambled on dogs to fight til the death, or the drugs, DUIs…etc, I could go on and on. And we can say that some women put themselves in places, parties, events that stepping over the boundaries is acceptable. That’s also hinting to the thought that if she’s wearing a mini skirt she wants to be raped, which is ludicrous. But again, we allow this because something is held over our heads that we want. We become glamoured by an object we desire so we sell our Soul out to get what we want. Sadly, many times we only get a piece of what we want, not the whole cake. From what was revealed to me is heart breaking. And I do not want to leave men out with this abuse as well, we all know that little boys are subject to sexual abuse daily and men are abuse by women that claim to love them. So what we are looking at is abuse on Society, which is abuse of the Self. The more that I witness the events, posts, and words of some Pagans, (one world those that are serious on our path call them Playgans, as they just want the party and the sex and do nothing to actually honor the Goddess or God), I am really shying away from using it to describe my path. I am a Celtic Wiccan, I am traditionally trained within a path, I have structure and respect, I am a Celtic Witch that honors the Great Goddess and God, I know of and work with the Universal Laws….I understand that in all things there are limits and there are consequences with every action, word and deed. To be in this magical path, is not for those of the fake mind set. Its not that I am holier than thou, it is I have a different knowledge. And I feel it will come to a point of division between those that just see this path as play and those that take it very seriously. To awaken the Divine Feminine, we must awaken her honor, and I put this in the concept of the Soul. We are all wounded by the lies that have been cast upon us, but lets take our power back and unveil them. Just looking into astrology will help you see where we are. Neptune and Pluto have played important roles lately, and those signs are all about transformation, unveiling, dredging up the bottom of the pond to deal with the waste, but ultimately of creating something new. As we enter this new Age, we are changing as well. We are at a new beginning, learning things again or being taught better. We are in-fact experiencing a new energy, so we are getting working at finding our balance. And why are we so sensitive? Well we are working with emotions. We are having to learn how to express ourselves in productive ways, instead of destructive ways. We are having to swim through these strong currents, letting its energy guide us to what truly serves us…surrendering to that flow to allow us to come up for air. We are having to understand that these are our waters, and we must take these emotions (energy) and constructively use them, guide them into beneficial things.

In order to have better things, we must do better. If we want things to truly change, we have to demonstrate that change. Ghandi said that if you want change to be that change, and he’s right. If you want respect, you have to make those boundaries. People treat you the way you allow them too. Yes, their negative behavior is about them self, but maybe you were put in their path to help them heal from that. When people abuse others, they are truly abusing them Self, as this is a sickness within them. I am not saying that is an excuse, as it is not, and doesn’t make it right,  but it is to help us understand the psychology of it. If we want a better future, we have to teach a better way. We have to teach our children the important of boundaries, reverence for all of life, and to love themselves and not let other wounded souls hurt them.

Every one loves to see the lighter side of things, the beauty, sweetness and the glamour of things; but a great many do not acknowledge the dark where the deepest healing takes place. As we approach Samhain, the dark months begin to open to us. Winter makes or breaks us, as it shows us where and what we needed to work harder on. It shows us our weakness and vulnerability, exposes our raw areas and gives us a huge mirror in which to look into our Souls with. So, mirror, mirror on the wall….who is the fairest one of all? So, you call upon the awakening of the Divine Feminine, the Great Goddess Gaia, and then you call upon her to protect her children…well isnt all this unveiling doing just that? Unfortunately, in our world it takes great tragedy to awaken us from our glamoured slumber. We are being called forth to the carpet, answering for our Self. The truth isn’t pretty, but it can a stepping stone to getting to the beautiful places.

We must understand that, yes, there are many facets and faces to the Goddess from Venus, Aphrodite to Freya, where we can admire the beauty of the feminine body and drown in her love; to Kali, the Morrighan to Cailleach, where we reap her wrath at the lines we so carelessly cross.


Sirona Rose

© 10/28/2017

~ by TerraRubrae on October 28, 2017.

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  1. Nicely said!

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