New Moon Libra

Our new moon was on the 19th at 3:12pm est and was in Libra, and it was in opposition to Uranus on Aries (meaning it is opposite, facing eachother). Uranus in Aries asks “what do I really want?” Uranus likes to shake things up, giving us the deep, dark truth. Expect more things to reveal themselves. Uranus is our awakener, it is about truth. Mercury is in Scorpio, which is another one all about truth. We are being told to see the truth, no matter how dark it is. With strong Venus in Libra, this urges us to be true with ourself….do we have a healthy relationship with Self. 

Uranus is awakening us to our truth, making us get healthy with Self…then the rest falls on place. Awakening us to the truth in all relationships as well balancing it. Find the middle ground.

 Liberation…free your mind and the rest will follow. Dont fear the dark, facing the deep, dark truth empowers and liberates us.  

Remember,  we are on a new age, the Age of Aquarius. We all need to focus on creating, especially with eachother. Let go of the old ways of competition.  When we are focusing on creating together, we all win. 

Uranus is very prominent right now and is here to help us. All these things happening right now is happening to awaken us. WAKE UP SOUL!!!

 Pay attention!!!


Sirona Rose 🌙

~ by SironaRose on October 24, 2017.

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