Mabon Reading 2017

Mabon Reading 2017

I pulled this reading for Mabon and the energy we’re in. We are now coming i to the sun sign of Libra which is about balance and relationships. I hope this can help you where you are. 
What energizes me?    7 of STONES reminds me that in order to replenish my energy, I need to make sure I get some R & R.  I need to set time aside each day to ground, and center into our Mother Earth and get the rest, relaxation, nurturing, and healing that my body needs. Going and spending time with nature, spending time with the stone people, with the trees, with the plants, with the birds, the butterflies all of what Nature has to offer and connecting to that energy. That is where I will re-energize and heal my soul. This will be very important during this harvest time as we go into our dark time.
Where should I find comfort?    In what I need to accomplish, I am surrounded by all I need. I need to pull from every one of my gifts in order to manifest what I need. I must trust in myself, and listen to my body…keep my energy flowing.
How can I maintain balance and harmony?    ACE of BOWS…SPARK OF LIFE!  I need to keep creating, keep the energy moving. Learning what I need to learn, challenge myself, and keep the magic alive in my life. Everything will develop in time, I just need to ait back and enjoy the unfolding. No stagnation!
What do I need to leave behind?   KING of ARROWS, THE KINGFISHER. I must leave behind the false sense of control and preconceived ideas I’ve had. Old thought patterns, habits that have limited me or kept me back. If I want to grow, I have to release and allow it. 

Hope this reading helps you all as we begin our harvesting. 

Mabon Blessings, 

Sirona Rose 🌙

~ by SironaRose on September 22, 2017.

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