This Energy….

Merry Meet everyone. Today is Freaky Friday and it absolutely has been. There’s been some weird energy going on,  some weird things that have happened. When these things happen, I always look at the stars and see what’s going on astrologically and then I pick a card for better clarity as well. Right now, the sun is in Virgo and it’s actually opposite Chiron. This is about healing some deep wounds. You may have had some past emotional trauma come up that you thought you’ve healed from, time to work through it. Or maybe something triggered you and brought about something from the past that you thought you healed. This is what’s happening right now. These deep emotional wounds are coming to surface so you can deal with them and release them, Purification.

We are in the sun sign of Virgo, and Virgo is the natural healer this is the Virgin so this is about purity as well as perfection. This may bring about some self-doubt especially the with Mercury and Mars being in Virgo as well. This can lead to some displaced anger, or maybe you’re just having some irritability. I am seeing and feeling a bit of overwhelment energy happening here. At this time, you may feel like you want to escape or you want to avoid certain things, or certain people. You may feel like you just want to close your eyes to it and get away. And maybe that is the best thing for you to do right now, 2017 is a number one year, and this is about our self. In a number one year we are pushed to be the master of our own lives. The goddess always pushes me to my limits. She pushes me to learn the lessons that I need to learn. Whether it be patience, tolerance, or compassion, she pushes me to become a better version of myself. Good questions to ask right now is “Who are you? What are you here to learn?”  These feelings of overwhelment, or those things that are pushing you to the Limit are teaching you. We are being forced to reach in Into Our Inner Strength and bring that forth, to stand up for yourself, to make your voice be heard…your voice matters. Do something you’ve never done before, come out of your comfort zone. Virgo tells you that it’s time to take your Visions, your dreams, desires, and make practical steps to make those things happen. The eclipse and the full moon brought us light to the Shadows, making us very aware of them. 

 With Jupiter in Libra, relationships, definitely connections to people will be at the forefront. Clear communication is important now. Be clear about knowing where you are, being clear about what you’re expecting from your relationships, make sure you’re  on the same page. The Equinox is getting close and it is a turning point, so many of you will be making some decisions that will change your life in drastic  ways, this is the purification. We have a new moon coming up on September 20th and it will be in Virgo as well. When you set your intentions, important questions to ask yourself is “what do you truly want” and “how does it make you feel.” Grounding is very important at this time as we are feeling overwhelmed, so we must learn to be the eye of the storm. We must learn to pull from our Inner Strength when we are feeling these overwhelming emotions, ground and Center. Right now is probably a good idea to find a spiritual practice to help you to do this. Yoga deep breathing, anything that will help you ground and Center. Shine your unique light! Remember you can’t control everything!

Many Blessings🌙

~ by TerraRubrae on September 16, 2017.

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