So you want to serve as Priestess…..

“Do you want to serve as Priestess? 

Think about the phrasing of that question. Whenever we refer to someone who functions as a religious leader, we almost always refer to the role as one of a servant. This semantic truth cuts across all religious lines, and remains true whether that leader is male or female. Simply defined, a priestess as one who serves both her people and her deities. It is not a managerial position in which you get to give orders to others, and it is not an ego enhancing office designed to allow you to feel set above the others in your circle. A Priestess is a mediator, a facilitator, and a teacher. Pagan Priestesshood is a life-long commitment to service, one that requires humility, good judgment, and self responsibility to fulfill. The concept of service is echoed in ancient mythology. That the cauldron are Grail is symbolic of the divine feminine, especially in Celtic traditions, is a given. They also symbolize the Priestess as the goddess incarnate. In the Grail Legends of the Arthurian myths, we have three questions being posed to those who seek the sacred Grail. The first is “Who does the Grail serve?” The answer, of course, turns out to be it serves Humanity. Therefore a Priestess who has accepted the Earthly mantle of the Goddess must serve Humanity as she would the goddess.”

~ Edain McCoy, Celtic Womens Spirituality

~ by SironaRose on September 16, 2017.

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