Pisces Full Moon

“Pisces Moon shining bright, gives my inner voice light; Creating freely, I let my dreams take flight, releasing the illusionary control. Aid me in healing these emotional ties, that bind me to a version of me that is lies. By honoring my Soul, I follow it’s call and allow myself to create my ideal life and to fully unfold”

Happy Pisces Full Moon!  The moon was full at 3:03am, and the moon was definitely bright last night.  This is our harvest moon, as this is the time we are harvesting our food, our bounty.  The eclipse season is coming to an end, although the solar eclipse we just had with echo for about 6 mos.  This energy has been one crazy ride, and many of us are just exhausted.  Pisces is a water sign, it’s ethereal, dreamy, mystical, creative,spiritual, healing, and can be soothing but it can take us into deep emotional waters.  Pisces is the whole (some astrologers say the sum of all of the signs), and can help us see the bigger picture, your ideal life that you want to live…highest ideals in all areas of your life.  I think this is great energy after the eclipse.  The past eclipse was about hearing your Soul’s calling and following it, so with Pisces energy, you will be able to set healthy boundaries, being able to see the true benefit, and releasing all that does not serve you.  Water is about being fluid, remember that.  The sun is now in Virgo, and this is aiding in some deep emotional healing. This can be a sensitive time, and maybe your feelings might be all over the place.  Virgo is a healing sign, but it also a grounding one. Virgo heals the body then mind, while Pisces heals the mind then the body (they are opposite).   We have to realize that we all create our lives we live.  The eclipse in Leo was about shining that inner light, bringing your desire to be into the light.  Virgo is helping us ground that energy into being…make your dreams into reality.  Saturn in Sagittarius went direct which will help you ground, but this energy can feel a little bit forceful.  But it is helping you stay on track and not get distracted, creating the life you want.  Pluto’s influence is aiding in the healing process, as it will help you to release that isnt needed anymore. It is time to build a healthy, wealthy life, and remember it all starts in the Spiritual. Jupiter is in Libra, so this is touching on relationships.  In this healing, we look at our relationships and ask us “what have we learned about our self from our relationships?”.  Look at the people that surround you, what have you been projecting?

Mercury is now stationed in Leo on the 5th in the same degree as the past eclipse, it’s time to take action.  This energy is allowing us to have different perspectives, see new ways to live our dreams giving us very creative energy.  Leo says “Live your passion” , and Mercury says “lets explore the ways we can do that”.  Surround yourself with things that inspire you.  Mercury in Leo, Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius, Mars in Virgo are forming a grand trine and this energy is empowering.  This trine will aid you in the energy to accomplish, create and bring clarity to your vision.  This is great energy lining up for you, so please take advantage of this.  Keep in mind this is a time of transition, so stay focused on your purpose.

on to the reading…..


The SHAMAN is one who walks to the beat of his own drum.  He is magic and offers the illumination of the Soul.  Here, we are asked to sit in silence and listen to our Soul and to answer it.  When we listen to our Soul, we begin to understand who and what we bring to this world.  When you find your passion, you have to apply yourself to manifesting it. You have to apply intent to your creation.  Dedication to your vision is needed here, and powerful intention. He creates his world and reminds us that You and only you have this power.

The 10 of STONES asks us “does your environment support you?”.  It is important that you surround yourself with that which supports you and your ideals.  This is especially true with the people that surround you, are you getting support or is it more negativity? Your environment is very important, you would not plant your garden in infertile soil.  If it doesnt support or sustain you, what go is it? You can not continually drain yourself and expect yourself to be full.  Inspiration leads to creativity, which leads to manifestation.

The 2 of VESSELS show us the perfect union.  This card is about the ultimate happiness; ideal relationships, jobs, place to live…the ideal life that we want for our Self.  Our hearts are on fire, and our cups runth over.

Taking our own life, happiness, in our own hands, working (intention) hard, staying focused on our goal, surrounding our Self with those things that feed our Soul, will bring us to our ideal life. The Shaman is practical and connected to the Earth (stands strong in his truth), we can not get lost with distractions We have to understand we are creating every day.  Focus is very important, as it is what you will manifest. Think it, then breathe life into it. If you have to say affirmations every morning, then do so.  Surround yourself with things that inspire you and feed your Soul!

Many blessings on this Pisces Full Moon,

Sirona Rose

~ by TerraRubrae on September 16, 2017.

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