Eclipsing into the Eye of Irma


I, among many others, decided to go to the belt of the eclipse to experience the energy of the eclipse.  Many indigenous peoples warned against it, saying it was a private time between the sun and moon; those to were out in it would get sick; and the energy of beginning and ending together is not something that human soul should experience.  So, still My friends and I proceeded.  It was an amazing time, took some good pictures, and even got the waves on video.  There were others gathered with us, and it was a time of great comradery among people.  It was as if for that second, we could all forget all the crab going on in the world.  We, these strangers of the night and day, were experiencing a rare occurrence with a spectacular sight.  For many of us, it was our first total eclipse, and it was amazing….it was an amazing moment in time.  An experience I will never forget, and the couple standing with us…Tony and Emily.  We cheered as it went dark, and the temperature dropped 20 degrees just in that moment.  We were having an awesome experience, and we knew it.  We watched the moon completely clear the sun, then packed up our stuff and got an ice cream.  The energy of that was remarkable, but as I did experience it, I understood what the indigenous people meant.  It did feel private, it did feel like a cutting of the knees, only to give you new life.  The full ending and beginning was greatly felt.  Along with the new moon that day, that ending and beginning was greatly felt.  Afterwards, I did feel a sense of great change coming…not good nor bad, just change.  So, here we are, a little over a couple weeks afterwards and look at all that is going on.

For me, work has become a bit stress and I worry about what exactly is going to happen to this company.  I went through an initiation, was rear-ended while sitting at a stop sign, and now I am evacuating for the hurricane Irma.  My first question is “Why did they name a hurricane after a war Goddess?”  In old German, Irma means war Goddess…just tempting fate in my option.  Heck, just name it Morrighan lol well I guess I shouldn’t tempt fate as well.  I sit here this morning in pain from the accident that happened on the 23rd of August. Sleeping isnt that easy, my mobility isnt great, and of course pain. One of the friends that went with me to watch the solar event, hurt her back the day after my wreck..yep she is still in pain.  Is this part of the energy from the eclipse?  Could the intense energy of ending and beginning force us into re-creating our lives? Is the new beginning energy forcing us into a place where we are having to look into different paths? Sure sometimes a duck is just a duck, but I am not one that believes in coincidences.

In this month, we will be having the Autumn Equinox, a time when light and dark are equal.  At this time, astrologically, there is a major alignment happening that many state is prophecy (I’ll write more on this later).  This month is the end of the Judea calendar, 5,777, in which the messiah is expected, many Christian believe it is the second coming.  Seeing all the natural disasters that we are having now, I can see how many would jump on that band wagon.  One thing I know is that Mother has shifted, her poles are moving.  Our Mother goes through cycles, we’ve had the Ice Age, and now global warming which some think is preparing us for a future Ice Age.  There are some Native American stories that tell of Mother’s changes throughout the centuries.  I know that we are living in a time of transition, and it takes some strong souls to be here at this time.  We are in the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, we are going from one energy to another and we need to recognize this.  With transition comes change, comes new ways and new perspectives….and I for one believe we need this new perspective.

Maybe Harvey, and now Irma are hear to remind us that we live on one planet and we are all apart of the human race.  The violence, and those that start or are behind it need to be stopped.  The Dark Ages are in the past for a reason, and those uneducated ways need to be left there….well they need to be abolished.  Many times it takes something drastic to happen in order for us to see things differently.  We cant become so lost in the forest, we loose our way. I am off to finish preparing and packing, giving Irma her space to do what she needs to do. I am sad for having to leave my home, as I am not sure when I will be able to return.  Doing this while injured is very challenging but it is what is it….very thankful for my daughter.  May every one stay safe, do the best to protect you and yours.  Make sure you keep yourself grounded, walk around barefoot outside to help you, eat light meals, and do deep breathing. The changing of the seasons are upon us.


Sirona Rose

~ by SironaRose on September 16, 2017.

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