Hypatia of Alexandria

Hypatia of Alexandria



In looking at our Pagan past, one very important lady is left out, Hypatia of Alexandria. She was born in 355 and was killed March 8, 415 A.D. in the great city of Alexandria.  She lived in the era of great classical knowledge and ended in one de-evolution. Taught mathematics by her father Theon of Alexandria (mathematician and astronomer), she was taught Neoplatonic philosophy by Eunapius of Sardis.

Hypatia was an astronomer, a philosopher  and was the earliest female mathematicians. Hypatia was one of the most famous classical philosophers of her time. She taught Pagans, Jews, and Christians alike. The philosophy that she taught is the foundation of Western magic and mysticism as we know it today. Alexandria was a Cosmopolitan City established by Alexander the Great, it was like no other City. It’s Mystery Schools and libraries were Beyond Compare, it was one central place where one could learn the great classical philosophies. But just like all things political, control meant power, and many wanted to control Alexandria. From the years 379 through 395 AD, Theodosius was the Roman Emperor and he was a Nicene Orthodox Christian. He made it his personal mission to annihilate all traces of Paganism, and all Pagan literature. He was the first emperor to decree Christian law upon his people. He was responsible for the destruction of the Temple of Apollo, Serapeum, and the dissolution of the order of the Vestal Virgins. In 386, he outlawed all Pagan rituals by state decree.


Hypatia, known as a Pagan classical philosopher, was also the adviser to the Roman governor of Alexandria, Orestes.  This great title gave her much respect as well as making her a target for the Christian Bishop Cyril,  who loathed Orestes. Bishop Cyril accused Hypatia of witchcraft, accusing her of doing math and working with astral instruments. Being the inventor of the Astrolabe, did not help her case against the mobs of orthodox Christians.  By 396 AD, the last legitimate heirophant at Elysses had just passed with only a handful of initiates remaining. The times were getting rough for her and other who taught and were studying this classical knowledge. Bishop Cyril had great issues with Orestes and viewed her as a threat. He was jealous of her and did not like her Pagan ways.  He had enough, so he spoke to his trusted apprentice Peter the Reader, had him form a mob of converts to get rid of this great Pagan philosopher  

In March 415 AD, Hypatia emerge from The Great Library of Alexandria, as she did most days. She called for her chariot, she was the first woman to own and drive her own chariot. As she entered the square in front of her house, Peter the Reader was there with the mob waiting for her. They pulled her from her chariot, stripped her, beat her and proceeded to drag her to the nearest church where they proceeded to beat her more and gauged her skin, she had a brutal, brutal death, which I will not go into. Since being carried out by Bishop Cyril, and all death and destruction to Pagans and Pagan holy places were legitimized through the name of the savior, no one was charged for her murder. Many historians and philosophers believed that her death Mark the end of the classical philosophy era. As the great libraries were burned and ancient historical academic text were  destroyed, the age of Classical Wisdom did as well.

The type of philosophy she taught was the Neoplatonic Philosophy, which stated that reality was divided into planes.  That philosophy states that where we reside, Gaia, is the bottom plane,  it is the lowest least important of the planes. Next, we have the Cosmic Soul, and that is what controls our 3D World, Gaia. Then we have the Cosmic Mind and this is where all the gods reside. Last, we have The One, the principle source that causes things to be. This plane unifies opposites; light and dark, good and bad, in all things. This unity is inexpressible in words. It teaches there are rituals for contacting the Gods, and it teaches one how to individually contact the gods. Teachers are there to help you when you are stuck, help you to the door of knowledge, but the work was personal. Their teachings empowered people,  “don’t tell me what the Gods say, I’ll find out myself”.

And I can see very well how this type of thinking can be very threatening to those that are seeking control. In her day, many people were seeking the same thing that we seek today the meaning of life, they were seeking ways to help them live their lives more abundantly and successful.

May this knowledge return. May the blood of our ancestors awaken within us, awakening and reminding us…..may we not let them down.
Sirona Rose

~ by TerraRubrae on August 22, 2017.

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