The Tower

TowerThe Tower is the most loved and hated card of the tarot…in my opinion.  It represents destruction, but can mean to tear down to create better.  This is the energy that I have been feeling lately, the Mercury Rx in Virgo in this Leo energy.  This card follows the Devil card, which is about what we are tied to, such as addictions, but can mean you need to let loose a bit and have some fun.  The Tower, with this present energy, makes me really feel the realness of Soul shining through.  We have conscious brought our self to some point.  By our actions, or maybe lack there of, we have put our self into a self destructive situation.  Now, at first, maybe we couldnt see the full picture of it all, now we are seeing how this decision has brought us unhappiness.  This could be with our jobs, relationships, or some kind of personal loss.  When we are in the middle of this, we fail to see the perspective of “this could be a good thing’ concept. We are humans, and can be too quick to judge.  Maybe this “loss” is more of a blessing.  Maybe this is the extreme it had to come to to make you see with clarity.

tower1Many things keeps us tied to things that are not healthy for us; jobs, relationships, or even where we live.  Many of us have become so used to being the chameleon, we actually forget our true color.  I remember as a teen growing up in a small town being this exact way.  I was unique, or weird, when it wasn’t cool. I knew that I thought differently, seen things differently, and I tried to fit in.  Many years have past me by since those days, and I will say I am not so much of the “fit in” kind of person.  I am still quiet around strangers because I know me, and some cant handle all this sweetness at one time.  The mold has followed me though, as it does many, into our every day lives.  Today, more than ever, we are really beginning to ask ourselves “Am I truly happy?”.  Many are changing jobs, leaving unhealthy marriages, and striking out to be who they are in all their glory.  They are taking that leap and becoming awesome entrepreneurs, starting businesses that are just quiet clever.  At this time, many are coming out of their cocoons, emerging whole and full of life….feeling passion once again.  The are hearing the voice of the Leo and shining brightly from their Soul.  They are lighting others candles, being the beacon in the night to help others learn to shine their own inner light.  No more are they taking the “you’re too much, you’re too bright, you’re too weird”, they are letting their flags fly high and hearing their higher calling.  But what about the others?

Change is hard, especially when there are other people and things to consider.  You’re not only changing your life, you are changing the unfolding of others.  Some let guilt convenience them that its not time, do what’s comfortable.  That word comfortable has gotten so many of us in situations where we have to literally dig our self out of the rut.  Change looks like chaos, it can make you feel like you’re in the middle of a tornado just watching things fly around you.  But it simply comes down to “Is this the life you truly want?”  is it?  Are you so lost in the illusion, that you are missing the reality?  One question I like to ask myself is ” What do I know, that I haven’t let myself see?”.

tower3Are you living in a burning tower and don’t realize it?  Is this clinging to the old crumbling way going to force you to jump from the windows…..or will you follow that flow and grow?  Many Tower cards show a tower on fire and people actually jumping from the high windows… this what it’s going to take for you?  I have also been told that I can either go into change willfully, or be dragged kicking and screaming by my hair.

At this time, it is the energy of tearing things apart to fix them, to rebuild better.  It’s a time of examining all of the parts piece by piece.  Can it be fixed?  Do you even want to fix it?  Is this something necessary in your life?  Can you accept it?

Here’s a mantra that I felt while I was writing this:  Can I go peacefully into change? Or will I be torn from my comfortable place? Will I shine my inner light bright and bold? Or will I run as it unfolds?  These gifts are mine and mine alone….Will I use them and shine so bright and bold?

The walls have been tumbling, the fires are lit….please dont make yourself have to jump out of the windows for your life.



~ by TerraRubrae on August 14, 2017.

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