Mercury Retrograde In Virgo 

Merry Meet everyone!  I hope you all get a chance to go out and watch the meteor showers tonight, its supposed to be at it height.  There is indeed some interesting happenings in our heavens here lately, and I know we are all getting ready to experience that solar eclipse.  
Just a little while ago, Mercury went into retrograde in the sign of Virgo.  With Mercury in retrograde we are reminded to revisit, renew, contemplate, and remember.  Since Mercury is in its home planet of Virgo, there is a harmonious energy radiating from this union.  Now we all know that Mercury is about communication, but did you also know that it is about how we learn as well.  When a planet is in a sign, we have to consider that energy as well.  Virgo is is analytical and is about improvement.  If you have been having a challenging time with something, this energy is here to aid you to rectifying it.  Virgo likes to look at things…is it working right or is something broken?  If something isnt right, it will take it apart, see what is going on, and then fix it. This is a good time to get things that are broken fixed as well. When Mercury is in retrograde, this is the perfect time to do this.  As we go inward to revisit things, we are able to pull it apart and see where the malfunction is.  When we go inward, we are able to learn and to grow.  This gives us the time to contemplate all areas of our life.  Looking and examining each area of your life.  Are you happy or sad?  Are you thriving or struggling?  Remember who you are, and renew yourself.  Virgo is also the healer, so this can be a great healing time for you.  The trick is to release the illusion of control, and allow the truth to illuminate before you.  The day after the solar eclipse, and new moon, the Sun will join Mercury in the sign of Virgo.  The Sun is the soul, the ego, and Mercury, of course, is the mind.  Now at this time, be very conscious, because when the Soul and Mind combine magic happens. This energy makes the energy fertile for those A-HA! Moments.  You may learn knew things about yourself, discover new talents, or decide to go a complete opposite place than where you are now.  
We are gearing up for this New Moon Solar Eclipse, and of course I will write on that as well.  It is absolutely amazing what all is going on in our heavens now.  Remember, we are in the middle of great change, be patient and watch the unfolding.  This is time to examine and fix.
This energy will be intense at times so it will be really important to set your intentions on what you need to work on, what you need to finish, and what you need to improve.  Allow yourself some time and space to release and go with the flow. This is not the energy to be so serious, relax and allow the unfolding.  Also, put things into practice.  If you know something’s needs work, then fix it.  I will say again, the best way to use this energy to the best outcome is to activity go with the flow.  

Retrograde isnt something to fear, it is just a way to let us see what needs some attention, and fixed.  Learning how to identify these energies, working with them, will help us have happy lives.  The Mercury retrograde just allows us the time to identify and fix what isn’t working in our lives.  

Remember, you have to give yourself the time and space to do this!

Happy renewal time and may you have many A-HA! Moments.
Many Blessings,


~ by TerraRubrae on August 12, 2017.

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