Beyond the Surface ~ Tarot Message



The QUEEN OF WATER is one of emotional stability and healing.  Water is about our intuition, dreams, emotion, and healing.  This card, in the past, has always pointed to some one who doesnt let their life be ruled by their emotions.  As I sit with this beautiful card, I am reminded of the depth of the ocean.  I am reminded of those things that we keep hidden in the dark recesses of the our emotions.  Many time we go through events that are very traumatic.  We push on, continue on with our lives, busying ourself with this or that trying to convince ourself that we are getting over it.  With this action, we are placing a veil over our faces so we cant see the truth that is really there.  Which leads us to another facet this card relates to is relationships.  How are the relationships in your life? How’s your relationship with yourself?

This card is showing me the things that we keep in those deep waters of the emotions.  It 6585199607_2f67ef09a4_zis talking to me of healing the wounds that we have covered up. Instead of facing (she has her eyes shut) we refuse to meet that which proposes great challenges for us.  We keep telling our self that ignorance is bliss, but you’re not going to cover these issues up for long.  All things are exposed in one form or another, the unknown will be made known. Here, this Queen takes us to healing deep wounds.  These wounds express themselves in different way, begging to be healed.  This wound promotes fear, fearful of things we dont even realize we are fearful of.  How do you react to certain things? Do you have a trigger…and how do you respond?  These things will hold us back, keep us from manifesting and reaching our goals.  Writing down your dreams will be good at this time, because they have the ability to help us heal.  Why do I keep going through the same things over and over again?  Well, I do not heal from it..I do not take the lesson that it is offering me.  We want spiritual unions, but yet we do not release the old lustful ones.  We want one thing, but we keep going back to the old way.  We can not have the new when we do not leave the past behind.

If we truly want to strive, we have to get passed all holds us back. We have to look deep within our Souls and stop living in the illusions we make for our self. Cry, scream or punch a pillow, but you are going to have to get this energy out.  This energy will manifest itself in different way…illness, depression, weight gain, addictions, weight loss…  We speak of harmony and balance, well this is the way we get it.  We have to take the garbage out or the place stinks.  We have to stop fearing that which hides in our shadows. This is one thing that the Leo energy brings forward…the Sun!  The Leo sun encourages you to bring out your uniqueness, your gifts, that which you are still fearful of and heal.  Love yourself enough to allow the completely healing to take place.  How can we be our true selves, when dont heal? How can we love, and have successful relationships with others when we dont have a healthy relationship with our self.

Love yourself, show your pain compassion, heal…so you can learn, change, and manifest so you can have the harmonically balanced life we wish to have.

Many Blessings,




~ by TerraRubrae on July 27, 2017.

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