Leo New Moon

leonewmoon7232017Happy New Moon in Leo!  The Moon moves from Cancer to Leo at 4:34am, giving way to our New Moon at 5:46am est. I love the sign of Leo, it is about joy and FUN!  I feel that this is a good energy as we are coming up on our eclipse on August 21st.  The Sun and Moon have come out of Cancer, sort of like a birth.  As they are going into Leo, it is like coming into our true Self.  Leo’s planet is the Sun, and brings joy. This is our creative self, strength and love.  This will definitely jump-start this “new beginning” energy. I also want to add that the Moon’s North Node (which is where we are going) is in Leo as well.  So the energy of the true authentic self is really making itself known.  We are in a place of transition, and we have to understand that this doesnt happen over night.  With Venus (Gemini) opposing Saturn (Sagittarius Rx), our values are being challenged.  Saturn is all about structure, boundaries, so at this time you may find yourself having to draw these boundaries with others.  We may find ourself really having to stand up for what we value and love.  This is a time to connect with like minds as well.  We are tired of not fitting in, putting on a mask in our to exist.  This energy is one of new beginnings, this also means it is a time for endings.  If there are contracts we would like to end, now is the time to do so.  Jupiter is still in Libra, so yes the ground is fertile.  

Here, the emphasis is on the Self, but not in selfish ways.  This means opening up to our creativity, what brings us joy, what we value and love, that which makes us shine bring from within.  When we are not with our “tribe”, we will experience great challenges with others and we will be required to make our boundaries known.  I feel that boundaries have really been in the forefront, and we should not ignore this.  When you are not able to function to your fullest ability, this thwarts your energy causing disruptions…such as illness.  

On to our reading;

Our first card is STRENGTH, not forceful, but more of a gentle strength. Remain focused and determined. Keep your eyes on your goal.  You can do this!!  Believe in yourself, stay confident.  This card represents the energy of the new moon.

Our next card is 8 of SWORDS, this is all about restrictions.  Are you blocking yourself?  Time to free yourself, and move on.  You must take responsibility for yourself, and cut yourself free from what is keeping you trapped. Listen to your intuition, you must not do what ultimately hurts you.  There is no room for fear.  

Our next two cards (they popped out together) are the KNIGHT OF SWORDS AND KNIGHT OF WANDS.Swords represent Air/Intellect and this card simply means “ Have No Fear”.  Wands represent Fire/desire for growth.  Both of these cards represent change, with swords this is swift change.  There is a lot of movement coming, changes…this can be with jobs or even moving. When we have two knights together, you can definitely expect some major change happening.  The main energy of this reading is no fear and strength.  You’re going to have to think quick on your feet, because the energy will be coming quick.  If you have been dragging your feet, or staying in our comfort zone, this energy will be very hectic for you.  Good new is, the Knights assure you that you will be victorious.

Use this new moon energy to release yourself from what binds you, free yourself to what you truly value and love.  This reading and Leo’s energy is urging you to let your inner light shine, be happy, and be healthy.  Make those healthy boundaries that you have been fearing to make, you won’t regret it.  It time to understand that boundaries are not always a bad thing, it is okay to stand up for yourself, and there is a rhyme and reason for structure.  Learn these secrets of this world and thrive!



~ by TerraRubrae on July 23, 2017.

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