Happy Mary Magdalene Day


“Admittedly, the reality of Mary Magdalene’s earthly life will never be fully grasped but will always be slipping from us, concealed behind a shroud of myth supposition, and mystery.  For those who worship her as a form of the Goddess or an incarnation of the Gnostic wisdom-figure Sophia, for those who pray to her as a saint or who follow her channeled alchemical teachings, I suspect historical accuracy fades into the background”

~Siobhan Houston “Invoking Mary Magdalene”


She is the one woman mentioned most throughout the bible, but yet barely noticed in Christianity.  Mary Magdalene, now a saint, was Jesus’s most trusted and loved disciple…the Apostle to the Apostles.  Once known as a harlot turned to faithful follower of Jesus, her name is finally being redeemed.  I met Mary Magdalene while I was studying Gnosticism.  She taught me many lessons such as; following my path no matter what others say, and the importance for the silence about the Mysteries.  She taught me grace, self appreciation, and treating my body like the sacred vessel it is.  She was a divine Priestess.  I often where the world would be had she been able to push forward with the path that Jesus taught.  It has become very clear overall the evidence that has been discovered that she was more than just his friend, to me and many others, Mary Magdalene was his wife. Would the world be so unbalanced as it is now?  Or would we have the masculine and feminine energies working in harmony with each other.  Her love of Jesus and faith of their spiritual path left an energy that echos through the centuries.   MaryMagdaleneskull


Even now, as I walk a Pagan path, I can still hear her call to me.  She reminds me of compassion, undying love, and what complete devotion is.  But let us not forget that she, like all, has a dark aspect as The Dark Goddess.  Here, she embodies the dark phase of the moon’s cycle and presides over the mysteries and initiations of the intermediary passage between death and rebirth.  Even in the 4th century bishop Augustine of Hippo, although he detest Goddess worship, pointed out in his book (The City of God) of how her worship was flourishing in his time.  No matter the hate for women many religious figures have, her energy still lives on today.  


In today’s world, the tides have turned as she has been venerated and has saint status. I am very happy that her true self was finally noticed.  July 22nd is reserved for her, so let us celebrate her, in all of her essence, as she was long ago. Let us pay homage to her once again, and truly acknowledge this Apostle to the Apostles.   Once she has blessed you with her energy, she will never forget you.   

Happy Mary Magdalene’s Day, may the great women, as she was, never be forgotten.

All Hail to the Divine Goddess Energy!




reference:  Siobhan Houston “Invoking Mary Magdalene

~ by SironaRose on July 21, 2017.

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