Meditation ~ The Great Bear

Bear medicine is Very Strong medicine. It represents strength and wisdom. In Feng Shui, they are revered as great guardians. In China, during  the Han dynasty, bear was considered sacred and even worshipped, so much so it became their totem animal. This highly regarded animal understand the necessity of healing by retreating from the world. The ancient ancestor trees and the  stone circle outside the door of the cave with the green and yellow, tell us it is time to go in to our sacred space to heal and renew, preparing ourself for the next part of our journey. It is very important for us to go “inside” so make sure we are doing that which is healthy for us. Bear is protective energy as well, this reminds us that to properly care and protect ourself we have to be centered and prepared. 

The Bear reminds me of cycles, or change, as well. Adjusting to the changes in our lives takes great strength. We have to know ourself,  having strong inner strength to surrender to the flow of life. 

It is time to go within the cave, heal, renew your energy.  Sometimes this means facing the mirror and facing our shadow, as this too is a part of healing. Whatever you need to do, go to your sacred space and rest, gathering your energy because change is coming and you will need your strength. 


Sirona Rose 

~ by TerraRubrae on July 1, 2017.

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