Cancer New Moon


Tonight at 10:31pm we will be having our New Moon in Cancer.  Cancer is the ultimate Mother sign, and reminds us that while we are nurturing others, we must remember to nurture our Self. There has been some make happenings with the sun here lately.  Many of you may have been feeling tired and drained with possible body aches.  That is why it is important to rest and eat nutritious food.  We have to remember that our bodies have to have proper care.  Stress is a big energy and health robber. With all that is going on right now, we have to unplug to ground and center.  Make sure you’re not carrying some one else’s baggage as well, when we nurture others we can some times to this unintentionally.  Cancer remind me of the Cups suit in the tarot.  The cups represent emotions, dreams, love, and our intuition.  It is only when we unplug ourselves from this massive chaos that is being blasted through all media, we can truly hear that voice.  This energy that is being blasted is really adding tremendous stress, so make sure you’re looking out for your health here.  When you’re health is bad, you can not function properly, draining you of your inner light, your creativity.   With the moon in Cancer, we must move through emotions or we can get stuck.  This is a time of great awakenings, we have just come into the Aquarian Age.  Remember, that it will not all happen over night, it takes time.  Jupiter being direct now in Libra, gives us the energy to have a lot of great things happen to us. Jupiter’s shadow side is over the top kind of energy (over committing our self), so watch out for that.  Libra is about relationships, all kinds, new relationships can develop here and existing ones can begin to get better.  Venus is in her home planet of Taurus, and this is really good considering Mars is in Cancer and this warrior is not comfortable in the emotional waters of Cancer.  This energy can get stuff done, but it can dig up old emotions that need to be dealt with.  You may experience moodiness, but you will be emotionally driven and this can lead to fast manifestation. Venus is also trine Pluto (strips away all that is not Soul), so some deep transformation coming into play here. This is a deep emotional connection, very much going to the gut instinct.  Venus will help us discover what we want.  With the influence of Jupiter, we need to be careful of over indulgence…moderation. We may be a bit sensitive to foods, eat healthy.  This is one reason why I keep warning about stress, use that Taurus energy to ground yourself.  Mercury is also sitting in Cancer, so be careful of your communication as it may come off too emotionally charged. Gemini is Mercury’s planet and Gemini in its shadow can be wishy-washy, superficial, and unstable.  Grounding is VERY important now.  There is the energy of healing of old wounds, or ones that we thought we dealt with years ago.  Many do well with changes, many do not and go kicking and screaming.  Deep truths are blanketing us right now, in many areas.  It feels like two worlds colliding.  This energy’s dark aspect is one of being fooled, or lied too, or maybe realize you have been deceived into believing one thing but in the reality it is another. So like I have been saying, ground yourself so you dont appear to be the fool.  Let us remember, we are the magicians of our life and we are responsible for our selves. Make the changes work for you, transmute this energy into one that will benefit you. Some of you maybe feeling a bit of awkward energy, like uneasy feelings but it will begin to ease now.  The sun is also in Cancer, and we just had our Summer Solstice…if you tap in to these energies and be the magician, making it work for you, this can be a very magical time.  This brings our attention Mother Gaia energy, very potent energy here.  This energy is nurturing and loving, to yourself and others.  Mars is trine Neptune, this is really going to be the time our intuition opens.  We will be able to really see beyond the veil, this is a deep psychic energy, and many will be able to tap into past lives.  This is such a great time to clear emotional past, helping you not to repeat same mistakes.  I will go into the reading now:


What we should concentrate on is 10 of WATER, this is about serenity.  Really concentrating on our own well-being.  If we are not at ease, illness/ill-willed energy can enter our body. I feel like we should fully express the Soul.  Our challenges brought us to where we are now, be thankful for this.  It’s time to be at peace within the self, this is the nature state of our bodies.  It’s time to be a peace, surrounding our self with those things that bring us happiness.  What can do I to provide peace and serenity to enter my life?

The advice is 7 of EARTH, we have decisions to make.  It is time to make those tough decisions.  Where do you want to go?  What is going to bring you peace? Earth is about our material stuff, but Earth also represents the Mother (feminine energy).  What do you need to bring you to a physical and emotionally strong foundation?

Where this leads us is the MESSENGER OF FIRE, which brings us strong movement.  When we release all that does not serve us, releasing behaviors that hold us back, we then are able to proceed in that direction that will truly serve us.  Our creative energy can thrive, putting us on the path of new adventures and experiences.  Remember this is a messenger card, so as we are clear of the static, making those decisions that is harmonically healthy for us, we begin to discover or rekindling our passion.  Our feelings can bring us to what motivates us….our passion.

We have to be better readers of our inner guidance.  That is a great meditation for the next 28 days, til the next new moon.  We have to take time, slow down, even for just a few minutes a day. We cant be afraid of our emotions, we need to experience them, as they are great teaches.  We have to realize that this too is healing. The changes of the world may be triggering inner wounds we may have, keep this in mind.  Many of us that keep going through the same type of situation over and over, can be healed at this time. This energy is truly a gift, as we are able to deal with stuff we have to, so to move forward and manifest what we want.

Consciously Communicating our feelings and emotions.



© 06/23/2017

~ by SironaRose on June 24, 2017.

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